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Genomic databses illed novel bioplastic producers : Kalia-VC Chauhan-A Bhattacharyya-G Rashmi NATURE BIOTECHNOLOGY, 2003, Vol 21, Issue 8, pp 845-46 12.822 IGIB
Lamin A/C Speckles Mediate Spatial-Organization of Splicing Factor Compartments and RNA-Polymerase-II Transcription : Kumaran-RI Muralikrishna-B Parnaik-VK JOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY,  2002, Vol 159, Issue 5, pp 783-793 12.522 CCMB
Ethnic India - A Genomic View, with Special-Reference to Peopling and Structure : Basu-A Mukherjee-N Roy-S Sengupta-S Banerjee-S Chakraborty-M Dey-B Roy-M Roy-B Bhattacharyya-NP Roychoudhury-S Majumder-PP GENOME RESEARCH, 2003, Vol 13, Issue 10, pp 2277-2290 9.863 IICB
Single-Strand-Specific Nucleases : Desai-NA Shankar-V FEMS MICROBIOLOGY REVIEWS, 2003, Vol 26, Issue 5, pp 457-491 9.597 NCL
Ping-Pong Interactions Between Mitochondrial Transfer-RNA Import Receptors Within a Multiprotein Complex : Bhattacharyya-SN Chatterjee-S Goswami-S Tripathi-G Dey-SN Adhya-S MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR BIOLOGY, 2003, Vol 23, Issue 15, pp 5217-5224 8.840 IICB
Regulation of Wingless and Vestigial Expression in Wing and Haltere Discs of Drosophila : Mohit-P Bajpai-R Shashidhara-LS DEVELOPMENT,  2003, Vol 130, Issue 8, pp 1537-1547 7.883 CCMB
Aspartic Peptidase Inhibitors - Implications in Drug Development : Dash-C Kulkarni-A Dunn-B Rao-M CRITICAL REVIEWS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, 2003, Vol 38, Issue 2, pp 89-119 7.783 NCL
DNA Electronics : Bhalla-V Bajpai-RP Bharadwaj-LM EMBO REPORTS,  2003, Vol 4, Issue 5, pp 442-445 7.698 CSIO
Identification and Characterization of Leishmania-Donovani Stage-Specific Genes Using Genomic Microarray : Goyal-N Duncan-R Salotra-P Akopyant-N Klutch-M Rastogi-A Beverly-S Nakhasi-H MOLECULAR BIOLOGY OF THE CELL,  2002, Vol 13, Issue NOV, pp 2937-2937 7.599 CDRI
Chemical-Composition of Garden Cress Seeds and Its Use as a Functional Ingredient : Gokavi-S Malleshi-N Guo-M FASEB JOURNAL,  2003, Vol 17, Issue 5, pp A763-A763 7.252 CFTRI
Polyamine-Assisted Rapid and Clean Cleavage of Oligonucleotides from Cis-Diol Bearing Universal Support - Art. No. E130 : Kumar-P Dhawan-G Chandra-R Gupta-KC NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH,  2002, Vol 30, Issue 23, pp E130-E130 7.051 IGIB
Allosteric Regulation of Transfer-RNA Import - Interactions Between Transfer-RNA Domains at the Inner Membrane of Leishmania Mitochondria : Goswami-S Chatterjee-S Bhattacharyya-SN Basu-S Adhya-S NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH,  2003, Vol 31, Issue 19, pp 5552-5559 7.051 IICB
Functional DIssueection of the C-Terminal Domain of Type-II DNA Topoisomerase from the Kinetoplastid Hemoflagellate Leishmania-Donovani : Sengupta-T Mukherjee-M Mandal-C Das-A Majumder-HK NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH,  2003, Vol 31, Issue 18, pp 5305-5316 7.051 IICB
Cloure - Clustal Output Reformatter, a Program for Reformatting Clustalx/Clustalw Outputs for Snp Analysis and Molecular Systematics : Kohli-DK Bachhawat-AK NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH,  2003, Vol 31, Issue 13, pp 3501-3502 7.051 IMTECH
Dendritic Cell-Based Immunotherapy Combined with Antimony-Based Chemotherapy Cures Established Murine Visceral Leishmaniasis : Ghosh-M Pal-C Ray-M Maitra-S Mandal-L Bandyopadhyay-S JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY,  2003, Vol 170, Issue 11, pp 5625-5629 7.014 IICB
Genetic Affinities of the Andaman Islanders, a Vanishing Human-Population : Thangaraj-K Singh-L Reddy-AG Rao-VR Sehgal-SC Underhill-PA Pierson-M Frame-IG Hagelberg-E CURRENT BIOLOGY, 2003, Vol 13, Issue 2, pp 86-93 7.007 CCMB
Susceptibility to Anthrax Lethal Toxin Is Controlled by 3 Linked Quantitative Trait Loci : Mcallister-RD Singh-Y Dubois-WD Potter-M Boehm-T Meeker-ND Fillmore-PD Anderson-LM Poynter-ME Teuscher-C AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY,  2003, Vol 163, Issue 5, pp 1735-1741 6.750 IGIB
Palmitoylated Peptides from the Cysteine-Rich Domain of Snap-23 Cause Membrane-Fusion Depending on Peptide Length, Position of Cysteines, and Extent of Palmitoylation : Pallavi-B Nagaraj-R JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY,  2003, Vol 278, Issue 15, pp 12737-12744 6.696 CCMB
Role of the Conserved Srlfdqffg Region of Alpha-Crystallin, a Small Heat-Shock-Protein - Effect on Oligomeric Size, Subunit Exchange, and Chaperone-Like Activity : Pasta-SY Raman-B Ramakrishna-T Rao-CM JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY,  2003, Vol 278, Issue 51, pp 51159-51166 6.696 CCMB
Streptococcus-Pneumoniae Hyaluronate Lyase Contains 2 Noncooperative Independent Folding/Unfolding Structural Domains - Characterization of Functional Domain and Inhibitors of Enzyme : Akhtar-MS Bhakuni-V JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY,  2003, Vol 278, Issue 28, pp 25509-25516 6.696 CDRI
Identification and Characterization of an Amphipathic Leucine Zipper-Like Motif in Escherichia-Coli Toxin Hemolysin-E - Plausible Role in the Assembly and Membrane Destabilization : Yadav-SP Kundu-B Ghosh-JK JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY,  2003, Vol 278, Issue 51, pp 51023-51034 6.696 CDRI
Unusual Structural, Functional, and Stability Properties of Serine Hydroxymethyltransferase from Mycobacterium-Tuberculosis : Chaturvedi-S Bhakuni-V JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY,  2003, Vol 278, Issue 42, pp 40793-40805 6.696 CDRI
Thermal Inactivation of Glucose-Oxidase - Mechanism and Stabilization Using Additives : Gouda-MD Singh-SA Rao-AGA Thakur-MS Karanth-NG JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY,  2003, Vol 278, Issue 27, pp 24324-24333 6.696 CFTRI
Alanine-Scanning Mutations in Domain-4 of Anthrax Toxin Protective Antigen Reveal Residues Important for Binding to the Cellular Receptor and to a Neutralizing Monoclonal-Antibody : Rosovitz-MJ Schuck-P Varughese-M Chopra-AP Mehra-V Singh-Y Mcginnis-LM Leppla-SH JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY,  2003, Vol 278, Issue 33, pp 30936-30944 6.696 IGIB
Whole Genome Expression Profiles of Yeast RNA-Polymerase-II Core Subunit, Rpb4, in Stress and Nonstress Conditions : Pillai-B Verma-J Abraham-A Francis-P Kumar-Y Tatu-U Brahmachari-SK Sadhale-PP JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY,  2003, Vol 278, Issue 5, pp 3339-3346 6.696 IGIB
A Single-Domain Cyclophilin from Leishmania-Donovani Reactivates Soluble Aggregates of Adenosine Kinase by Isomerase-Independent Chaperone Function : Chakraborty-A Das-I Datta-R Sen-B Bhattacharyya-D Mandal-C Datta-AK JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY,  2002, Vol 277, Issue 49, pp 47451-47460 6.696 IICB
A Novel Antioxidant and Antiapoptotic Role of Omeprazole to Block Gastric-Ulcer Through Scavenging of Hydroxyl Radical : Biswas-K Bandyopadhyay-U Chattopadhyay-I Varadaraj-A Ali-E Banerjee-RK JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY,  2003, Vol 278, Issue 13, pp 10993-11001 6.696 IICB
Identification of Uhp1, a Ubiquitinated Histone-Like Protein, as a Target/Mediator of Rhp6 in Mating-Type Silencing in FIssueion Yeast : Naresh-A Saini-S Singh-J JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY,  2003, Vol 278, Issue 11, pp 9185-9194 6.696 IMTECH
Domain Truncation Studies Reveal That the Streptokinase-Plasmin Activator Complex Utilizes Long-Range Protein-Protein Interactions with Macromolecular Substrate to Maximize Catalytic Turnover : Sundram-V Nanda-JS Rajagopal-K Dhar-J Chaudhary-A Sahni-G JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY,  2003, Vol 278, Issue 33, pp 30569-30577 6.696 IMTECH
A Backbone-Reversed Form of an All-Beta Alpha-Crystallin Domain from a Small Heat-Shock-Protein (Retro-Hsp12.6) Folds and Assembles into Structured Multimers : Shukla-A Raje-M Guptasarma-P JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY,  2003, Vol 278, Issue 29, pp 26505-26510 6.696 IMTECH
Slow Tight-Binding Inhibition of Proteinase-K by a Proteinaceous Inhibitor - Conformational Alterations Responsible for Conferring Irreversibility to the Enzyme-Inhibitor Complex : Pandhare-J Dash-C Rao-M Deshpande-V JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY,  2003, Vol 278, Issue 49, pp 48735-48744 6.696 NCL
Mining genomic databases for searching novel hydrogen producers : Kalia-VC  Lal-S  Ghai-R  Mandal-M Chauhan-A TRENDS IN BIOTECHNOLOGY, 2003, Vol 21, Issue 4, pp 152-156 6.291 IGIB
Association of Polymorphisms in the Collagen Region of Sp-A2 with Increased Levels of Total IgE Antibodies and Eosinophilia in Patients with Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis : Saxena-S Madan-T Shah-A Muralidhar-K Sarma-PU JOURNAL OF ALLERGY AND CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY,  2003, Vol 111, Issue 5, pp 1001-1007 6.282 IGIB
Essential Polyunsaturated Fatty-Acid and Lipid Peroxide Levels in Never-Medicated and Medicated Schizophrenia-Patients : Arvindakshan-M Sitasawad-S Debsikdar-V Ghate-M Evans-D Horrobin-DF Bennett-C Ranjekar-PK Mahadik-SP BIOLOGICAL PSYCHIATRY,  2003, Vol 53, Issue 1, pp 56-64 5.915 NCL
Disruption of Mptpb Impairs the Ability of Mycobacterium-Tuberculosis to Survive in Guinea-Pigs : Singh-R Rao-V Shakila-H Gupta-R Khera-A Dhar-N Singh-A Koul-A Singh-Y Naseema-M Narayanan-PR Paramasivan-CN Ramanathan-VD  Tyagi-AK MOLECULAR MICROBIOLOGY,  2003, Vol 50, Issue 3, pp 751-762 5.832 IGIB
The Polycotyledon Mutant of Tomato Shows Enhanced Polar Auxin Transport : Alhammadi-ASA Sreelakshmi-Y Negi-S Siddiqi-I Sharma-R PLANT PHYSIOLOGY, 2003, Vol 133, Issue 1, pp 113-125 5.800 CCMB
Single Histidine Residue in Headgroup Region Is Sufficient to Impart Remarkable Gene Transfection Properties to Cationic Lipids - Evidence for Histidine-Mediated Membrane-Fusion at Acidic pH : Kumar-VV Pichon-C Refregiers-M Guerin-B Midoux-P Chaudhuri-A GENE THERAPY,  2003, Vol 10, Issue 15, pp 1206-1215 5.616 IICT
Protection Conferred by Bcl-2 Expression Involves Reduced Oxidative Stress and Increased Glutathione Production During Hypothermia-Induced Apoptosis in Ak-5 Tumor-Cells : Khar-A Pardhasaradhi-BVV Ali-AM Kumari-AL FREE RADICAL BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE,  2003, Vol 35, Issue 8, pp 949-957 5.533 CCMB
Chromium(III)-Induced Apoptosis of Lymphocytes - Death Decision by Ros and SRC-Family Tyrosine Kinases : Balamurugan-K Rajaram-R Ramasami-T Narayanan-S FREE RADICAL BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE,  2002, Vol 33, Issue 12, pp 1622-1640 5.533 CLRI
Apoptosis of Lymphocytes Induced by Chromium(VI/V) Is Through Ros-Mediated Activation of SRC-Family Kinases and Caspase-3 : Vasant-C Rajaram-R Ramasami-T FREE RADICAL BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE,  2003, Vol 35, Issue 9, pp 1082-1100 5.533 CLRI
Effectiveness of different types of insole for diabetic neuropathy foot: a follow up study : Saraswathy G, Gopalakrishna G, Das BN, Vishwanathan V, Ramachandran A, Sivagami M, Seena Rajasekhar DIABETES CARE,  2003, pp 0000- 5.477 CLRI
Host Factor Titration by Chromosomal R-Loops as a Mechanism for Runaway Plasmid Replication in Transcription Termination-Defective Mutants of Escherichia-Coli : Harinarayanan-R Gowrishankar-J JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, 2003, Vol 332, Issue 1, pp 31-46 5.359 CCMB
Nonrandom Distribution of Alu Elements in Genes of Various Functional Categories - Insight from Analysis of Human Chromosome-21 and Chromosome-22 : Grover-D Majumder-PP  Rao-CB  Brahmachari-SK  Mukerji-M MOLECULAR BIOLOGY AND EVOLUTION, 2003, Vol 20, Issue 9, pp 1420-24 5.271 IGIB
Restoration of Chromium and Mercury-Induced Nutritional Deficiencies in Developing Chicks During Vitamin and Glutathione Therapies : Sood-PP Kaiser-J DRUG METABOLISM REVIEWS,  2002, Vol 34, Issue S1, pp 193-193 5.263 IICT
An Umbraviral Protein, Involved in Long-Distance RNA Movement, Binds Viral-RNA and Forms Unique, Protective Ribonucleoprotein Complexes : Taliansky-M Roberts-IM Kalinina-N Ryabov-EV Raj-SK Robinson-DJ Oparka-KJ JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY,  2003, Vol 77, Issue 5, pp 3031-3040 5.241 NBRI
Modulation of Apoptosis at the Molecular-Level by Tumor Suppressors - Possible Targets for Cancer Prevention : Gupta-KP CANCER EPIDEMIOLOGY BIOMARKERS & PREVENTION,  2002, Vol 11, Issue 10, pp C326-C326 5.140 ITRC
Modulation of Different Stages of Skin Tumor-Development by the Inhibitor of Beta-Glucuronidase, Calcium Glucarate : Gupta-K CANCER EPIDEMIOLOGY BIOMARKERS & PREVENTION,  2003, Vol 12, Issue 11, pp S1320-S1320 5.140 ITRC
A New Cell Secreting Insulin : Roy-SS Mukherjee-M Bhattacharya-S Mandal-CN Kumar-LR Dasgupta-S Bandyopadhyay-I Wakabayashi-K ENDOCRINOLOGY, 2003, Vol 144, Issue 4, pp 1585-1593 5.095 IICB