Product: Cost effective, fast and simple foundation system for small buildings.
Application: Construction of low cost houses in black cotton soil and other filled-up or weak soil areas
Feature: The foundation needs to be taken to firm strata in such soils. This technology is an economical substitute to under-reamed pile foundation for small buildings where load on pile is less in comparison to the capacity of under-reamed piles. This system consists of a reinforced precast concrete pile (10 cm x 10 cm) which is lowered in a borehole of 30 cm dia. The lower part of the pile has projected reinforcement for embedding the pile in-situ concretes and lay in the bottom of borehole to form pedestal.
Commercialisation: Houses constructed in coastal area of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu
Economy: 100 piles/day
Investment: --------
Equipment: Auger with accessories for making bore holes, mould for precasting the piles, vibrator
Raw materials: --------
Institute: Central Building Research Institute
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