Product: Production of decorative craft items based on dry flowers and foliage.
Application: Artistic greeting cards, wall plates, landscapes, three dimensional interior decorative items, etc.
Feature: The flowers, branches, twigs, foliage etc. are dehydrated through a specially designed solar drier/microwave/hot air oven or press to maintain the original colour and shape. The arrangement of dry flowers and foliage in the sealed transparent glass or plastic jars makes an attractive decoration item. Originality of certain flowers and foliage and their freshness after dehydration are enjoyed over a long time.
Commercialisation: Commercialised
Economy: 50 pieces/day
Investment: Rs. 2 lakh.
Equipment: Press sheets, hot air oven or microwave oven or solar drier.
Raw materials: Flower, leaves, blotting sheets, velvet sheets, forceps, scissors, adhesive, glass/plastic containers, sand, silica gel, earthen pots, etc.
Institute: National Botanical Research Institute.
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