Product: Process for casting of brassware.
Application: Cottage scale manufacture of brassware e.g. lota, gagri, pitcher, tumbler, utensils, flower vase, decoration articles etc
Feature: Casting of brass/bell metal is a traditional artisanal activity, wherein furnace suffers from high fuel consumption and casting rejections. The new technology package consists of: ? thermally efficient melting unit having lip pouring and tilting arrangements along with preheating chamber for mould; ? modified clay mould for open pouring from furnace. Alternatively, the moulding process in vogue can be substituted by green sand moulding to facilitate engineering castings. The coal/metal ratio is 1.7 in case of single heat and 0.6 for 4 successive heats (as against 2.9 in the conventional process). The process reduces melting loss, rejections and provides improved quality and higher economy
Commercialisation: Training imparted to artisans
Economy: 8 -12 kg/batch
Investment: Rs. 0.15 lakh/unit
Equipment: Furnace, clay moulds as per CSIR design.
Raw materials: Brass scrap, moulding materials
Institute: National Metallurgical Laboratory.
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