CSIR Technology Awards


CSIR Technology Awards

    CSIR Technology Awards seek to foster and encourage in-house multidisciplinary team ef for t s and external interaction for technology development, transfer, marketing and commercialization, the awards are:

  • One each f or Process and Eng in eering Technology, award ed for major multidiscipl ina ry technologic al contributions in a broad area / field th at h ave a sust ai ne d and visible economic, indu strial or societal imp act . The award comprises a prestigious rolling shield, a citation, a plaque and a size able gr ant for a specific project to the awardees; and

  • One prize each in the four technologic al area s of (a) Biological (b) Chemical (c) Engineering (d) M at erials technology to be award ed to individual (s) or group(s) of personnel from CSIR and contributors external to CSIR for a specific and outstanding technological achieve ment . Each Technology Prize comprises a cash award of Rs. 2 lakh for the technological areas from (a) to (d). A fifth prize for Business Development and Technology Marketing of v alu e Rs. 1 Lakh to be awarded for making signific ant contributions for enhancing the business of CSIR knowledgebase. The Prizes are shared among the individuals/ members of the group(s); a plaque and a citation is awarded to each member of the group(s). In case of a tie between two nom ina tions in the technological areas, for the award of a Prize, it will be jointly awarded to the two w inn er s each receiving the cash prize of Rs.2 lakh in full as mentioned above .