Human Resource Development Group (HRDG)


The HRDG has been contributing significantly to the development and nurturing of highly qualified S&T manpower at the national level in the age group of 16 to 65. It has the mandate to find new mechanisms to promote development of human resource in basic sciences. It also promotes, guides and co-ordinates scientific & industrial research through funding of research projects at the national level.

The Activities of the HRD Group include: Award of Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prizes (SSB); Young Scientist Awards (YSA); Selection of Junior Research Fellows (JRF) through National Eligibility Test (NET); Selection of Senior Research Fellows (SRF), SRF Extended and Research Associates (RA); Selection of Senior Research Associates (SRA); Funding of Extra Mural Research (EMR) schemes at universities/ R&D organizations; Visiting Associateship Scheme; Travel / Conference / Symposium grants; CSIR Program on Youth for Leadership in Science (CPYLS); Selection of Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Fellows (SPMF).

Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize and Young Scientist Award 2003

Thirteen (13) scientists were selected for SSB Prize during the year 2003 making a total of 388 awards till date. The awards were announced on 26th September 2003, the Foundation Day of CSIR. Six scientists were selected for the 2003 Young Scientist Awards. The Awards were presented on 26th September 2003 at the CSIR Diamond Jubilee celebration concluding function.

Junior Research Fellowship (JRF)

CSIR conducts JRF-NET examination twice a year for the selection of Junior Research Fellows. 1,23,660 applications were received during the year 2003-04,out of which 91,025 candidates appeared for the examination. A total of 2711 candidates were selected for JRF and 2563 were declared eligible for lectureship.

Shyama Prasad Mukherji Fellowship (SPMF)

The SPM Fellowship scheme was started in the year 2001-02 selected JRF-NET scholars, who qualify a written test especially designed for the purpose, followed by an interview. In the year 2003-04, six candidates were selected for the fellowship, two each in physics and chemistry and one each in life science and mathematics.

Senior Research Fellowship (SRF), SRF Extended and Research Associateship (RA)

Applications are invited on all India basis for SRFs, SRF (Ext) and RAs. Selections are based on the interview through an Expert Selection Committee. During 2003-04 a total of 3235 applications were received in 15 disciplines of science and technology. A total of 437 candidates were selected in 15 disciplines of science & technology.

Junior Research Fellowship for GATE qualified engineering graduates (JRF-GATE)

CSIR has introduced a new research fellowship in 2002 for the GATE qualified candidates with B.E., B.Tech, B.Arch, B.Pharm degree to pursue research leading to Ph.D. This is known as the GATE qualified Junior Research Fellowship (JRF-GATE). JRFs selected under this scheme get excellent opportunity to work with the CSIR scientists with state-of-art R&D facility and obtain Ph.D. degree. The fellowships under this scheme are tenable only at CSIR laboratories. Each laboratory can have 10 JRF-GATE fellows except for engineering laboratories, which can have a maximum of 15 fellows. Around 120 JRF-GATE Fellows are working in different laboratories of CSIR in the year 2003-04.

Senior Research Associateship (SRA)

The Senior Research Associateship (SRA) is primarily meant to provide temporary placement to highly qualified Indian scientists, engineers, technologists, and medical personnel returning from foreign countries and also to those who are not in regular employment in the country. The data of the last three years of the scheme is presented below

Senior Research Associateship (SRA)
Year No of SRA Selected No. of SRA Joined Total No. Supported
2001-02 134 94 210
2002-03 134 93 202
2003-04 82 88 206

Extra Mural Research Schemes and Special Support Programs

CSIR promotes research in Science and Technology including Agriculture, Engineering and Medicine through award of research grants to Professors/ Scientists in regular employment in Universities/ Academic Institutes/ IITs etc. The number of research schemes recommended during the year alongwith the last two years is given below:

Extra Mural Research Schemes and Special Support Programs
Year No of Proposals received Recommended Renewals
2001-02 500 220 870
2002-03 555 223 511
2003-04 576 179 543

Under the Emeritus Scientists scheme, financial assistance was provided to 23 outstanding superannuated scientists out of a total of 137 proposals received and 97 renewals were made during the year. In the sponsored scheme category 12 schemes were sanctioned out of the 24 proposals received and 37 ongoing schemes were renewed. Under the one time grant category, out of 19 proposals received 2 were granted.

Travel / Conference Grants

Travel grant is provided by CSIR to young researchers for presenting research papers at the International Conferences held abroad. The travel grant committee considered a total of 678 applications out of which 380 cases were recommended. The same committee considered 532 proposals from scientific societies/ institutes etc for organizing national / international conference/ symposium/ workshops, etc. and recommended 468 cases for organizing these events.

CSIR Program on Youth for Leadership in Science (CPYLS)

The CPYLS scheme is a unique ‘hand holding’ program started for school children at secondary level. The scheme was started to attract the meritorious young school children towards science. About 150 students are invited from each state to participate in two open days program at CSIR Labs. About 1000 students have participated in the two open days programme organized by most of the CSIR Laboratories.


CSIR Diamond Jubilee Research Interns Award Scheme

The CSIR Diamond Jubilee Research Interns Award Scheme was announced by Hon’ble Minister for Science and Technology on the occasion of Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of CSIR on 26th September 2002. It is a preparative scheme through which young interns shall be trained in the tools, techniques and art of research under the supervision of experienced scientists in CSIR. The scheme has taken off and some of the labs have already taken interns. Amongst the 17 labs including Headquarters, which responded to our query, a total of 102 candidates have joined in 8 laboratories.

Entrepreneurship support to Research Scholars

The objective of this program is to broad base the perspective of the research scholars so that they can make linkages of their scientific and technical knowledge to the buoyant world of business and industry and thus over a period of time become effective wealth creators for their organizations and the nation.

The first training program was organized (as a pilot exercise) at NCL, Pune from 28th March to 29th April 2004. About 19 research scholars participated in the month long exercise.