Policy Division (PD)


S. No. Unit of Division Activities Undertaken by the Division
1. Unit-I


  • Policy formulation & Policy clarification
  • Preparation of Agenda Items thereto
  • Adoption of circulars/instructions. of GOI in CSIR
  • Policy Inputs & preparing Para-wise comments reg.Legal Cases
  • Disposal of Complaints received against Directors /Former Directors/Acting Directors/DS etc.
2. Unit-II  
  • Recruitment of Directors /Heads/Sct-H / DS/ Chairman RAB.
  • Extension of tenure of Director.
  • Extension of services beyond superannuation of Scientists / Directors
  • Pay Fixation /Forwardal of application of Directors.
  • Appointment of Acting Directors/Director In-Charge.
  • VRS/Resignation etc. of Directors.