Department Related Parliamentary Committee


The Department Related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Science & Technology, Environment & Forests examines and recommends the demands for grants of DSIR including CSIR. A background note was prepared highlighting activities, programmes and financial summary. Some major recommendations/ observations of the Committee were:

  • Appreciated for carrying out research in many frontier areas of Science & Technology. Efforts should be made to raise funds from industry by successful transfer of technologies and wider dissemination of the same.
  • Commends for emerging as a pioneering institute to achieve number one position in Indian & Foreign Patent filing. CSIR to remain vigilant to safeguard age-old indisputable rights to our traditional knowledge.
  • An agreement to be reached with various financial institutions for providing loans to those research scholars who wants to set up their own enterprises.
  • Closer co-ordination among research laboratories should be obtained for producing better products, which would eventually reach the end users of such products.
  • Need to create awareness about the symptoms of the disease for early detection and cure. Research efforts should focus on the medicines that are affordable to all classes in society. The publicity of medicines already discovered by the CSIR is grossly inadequate, special attention needs to be focused on allergic asthmas.
  • Develop fuels from waste matter and other non-biodegradable substances, which otherwise cause environmental degradations.
  • Commends the challenging vision to set up a world-class drug research centre. It directs that new institute should go for manpower training and research to help pharmaceutical companies to improve the quality of their formulations.
  • New storage and handling facilities should be of the world class standard. The committee hopes that facility would also conduct basic research for controlling infectious diseases to reduce the risk of morbidity. The committee also emphasized the periodic review of such facilities.
  • Develop new building construction materials, which should be less energy intensive for building economical dwelling units.
  • High-speed internet access facility is established as vast amount of scientific data is available on the internet.