Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute (CGCRI), Kolkata Mous

Agreements signed with Industry pertaining to technology development and transfer during the 12th Five Year Plan period (CSIR-CGCRI)
S No Year Name of the processes/technology transferred Brief Overview
1 2012 Agreement for licensing of know-how for the manufacture of Ceramic Coating for heater plugs Process for the manufacture of ceramic coatings on heater plugs for diesel engine – includes preparation of material and processing technology.  Agreement also covers capacity building and demonstration.
2 2012 Technology Licence Agreement for Glass Beads Agreement for know-how for manufacture of glass beads to be used in nuclear waste immobilization.
3 2012 Agreement for licensing of know-how for the manufacture of glass lining materials for chemical process equipment/reactor The process for the manufacture of glass lining material for chemical process equipment consisting of preparation of material, process technology for application.
4 2013 Memorandum of Understanding for Sponsored Research on Nanomechanical Characterisation of Human hair MoU covers joint collaborative activity that includes development of a method of characterizing human hair by nano indentation and study of its nano-mechanical and nano-tribological properties.
5 2013 Agreement for Transfer of Technology of Ceramic Membrane based technology for removal of arsenic (including the process for media preparation) and iron from ground water Process know how for ceramic membrane based water treatment plant through design, fabrication of micro-filtration modules, system design and fabrication of the plant and the application process. The product also includes colloidal absorbent media for removal of arsenic from ground water.
6 2013 Agreement for Consultancy services for facility creation and production of chalcogenide glasses for diamond processing of M/s. SLTL, Gandhinagar Agreement for consultancy to industry for production of chalcogenide glass.
7 2013 Agreement on grant of permission for Manufacture of Glass beads/nodules Detail of modalities and terms & conditions for grant of permission to industry to use CSIR-CGCRI knowhow for manufacture of glass beads and nodules.
8 2013 Agreement for manufacture of “Low Sodium content Glass Bead (SiBNa-9.5)” Know-how relating to technical specifications for manufacture of low sodium glass frit and nodule for nuclear waste immobilization.