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Balasubramanian, Ramachandran  (DOB: 15 March 1951), Sp: Number theory.  The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, CIT  Campus, Taramani, Chennai - 600 113. Tel (044) 2351856 (O), 2453926 (R), Fax 2350586, Email : balu @

Citation  Prof. Balasubramanian has done significant work on analytic number theory. He is particularly known for a substantial improvement of a long standing result of E.C.Titchmarsh and his contributions in settling Waring's problem for fourth powers.
1988 Banerjee, Mihir Baran (DOB: 29 March 1943),  Sp: Hydrodynamic and Hydromagnetic stability. Department of Mathematics, Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla - 171 005

Citation  Prof. Banerjee has to his credit significant contributions on the theory of hydrodynamic and magnetohydrodynamic stability. He has done notable work on magnetoconvection and thermohaline convection.
1995 Bhatia, Rajendra (DOB: 8 May 1952),  Sp: Mathematical analysis; Linear Operators.  Indian Statistical Institute, 7 SJS Sansanwal Marg, New Delhi - 110 016. Tel (011) 664741 (O), 6867942 (R), Fax 6856779, Email : rbh @

Citation   Dr Bhatia obtained several sharp and powerful results in the perturbation theory of matrices, for introducing new techniques from differential geometry and Fourier analysis into numerical linear algebra and for formulation and proofs of operator versions of several classical inequalities.
1959 Chandrasekharan, Komaravolu (DOB: 21 November 1920),  Sp: Theory of equations of zeta- functions. 8092, Zurich, Switzerland. Tel (+41-1-) 6324199 (O), 3819686 (R)

Citation Prof. Chandrasekharan's original contributions to the theory of functional equations of zeta-functions have earned him international repute. These researches are characterized by a combination of analytical and arithmetical methods of approach and belong to the classical tradition of analytical theory of numbers.
1990 Dani, Shrikrishna Gopalrao (DOB: 3 June 1947),  Sp: Ergodic theory;Dynamics; Lie groups; Probability measures on groups. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Homi Bhabha Road, Mumbai - 400 005. Tel (022) 2152971 Extn. 2218 (O), 2151760 (R), Fax 2152110, 2152181, Email :

Citation  Dr Dani's contributions are in the field of ergodic theory in general and properties of orbits of Lie group actions on homogeneous spaces in particular. His work in the fields of dynamical systems, number theory and topology has made a notable impact. He and his collaborators have achieved important progress in respect of the problem of embedding an infinitely divisible probability distribution on a group in a continuous one parameter convolution semigroup.
1981 Ghosh, Jayanta Kumar  (DOB: 22 May 1937),  Sp: Probability and Statistics. Stat-Math Division, Indian Statistical Institute, 203, Barrackpore  Trunk Road, Calcutta - 700 035. Tel (033) 526694, 4752071,  Email : jkg @

Citation Prof. Ghosh has made significant contributions to theoretical statistics in several directions. He has extended the results of Fisher and Rao on the second order efficiency of maximum likelihood estimators. Using refined analytical tools he has obtained useful results in the asymptotic expansion of the distribution of sample statistics. In the matter of applications of probabilistic methods, he has made an excellent contribution to the understanding of sediment transport in fluid flows through stochastic models. Earlier, he had proved under very general conditions that in reducing a problem through sufficiency and invariance, the order in which these criteria are applied is immaterial.
1972 Gupta, Anadi Sankar (DOB: 1 November 1932),  Sp: Boundary layer theory; Hydrodynamics and hydromagnetic stability; Heat & Mass transfer in fluid flows.  Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur - 721 302. Tel (03222) 4875 (O), Fax 55303, Email : shakti ! iit kgp ! sys 320 !

Citation   Prof. Gupta has made significant contributions in the field of fluid dynamics and magnetohydrodynamics, notably on heat transfer in free convection flow in the presence of magnetic field. His work on the stability of a layer of rotating electrically conducting liquid in the presence of uniform magnetic field, oriented parallel to the axis of rotation is important, as it discusses the finite amplitude disturbances.
1975 Jain, Padam Chand (DOB: 30 September 1930),  Sp: Numerical solutions of partial differential equations. 3389, Sector D/3, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi 110 070. Tel (011) 6894048 (R)

Citation   Prof. Jain has done important work on the development of algorithms for solving non-linear problems involving irregular boundaries. Algorithms based on finite difference technique, finite element technique and quasilinearization and invariant embedding have been developed and applied to various problems in fluid dynamics. These techniques have added to the existing knowledge on fluid dynamics and its applications and hold promise of enabling applied mathematicians and scientists to solve still more difficult non-linear problems. His work is likely to be of value in finding solutions for problems of stability and turbulence in fluid dynamics, numerical weather forecasting and magneto-hydrodynamic power generation.
1993 Karmeshu  (DOB: 30 May 1949), Sp: Mathematical modelling.School of Computer & Systems Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi - 110 067. Tel  (011) 6107676 Extn. 396 (O), 7273793 (R), Fax  6865886

Citation   Dr Karmeshu has developed mathematical models for the dynamics of social and technical systems with special emphasis on their stochastic evolution. His contribution towards the understanding of the unity of structure and dynamics of diverse apparently unconnected systems is highly significant.
1978 Krishnamurthy, Edayyathu Mangalam Venkatarama (DOB: 18 June 1934),  Sp: Parallel & Distributed computing; Information systems design and Software design. Research School of Information Sciences and Engineering, Australian National University, Canberra ACT 0200, Australia. Tel (61-6)2798640 (O), 2497140 (R), Fax  2798651, Email : abk @; evk. krishnamurthy @

Citation   Prof. Krishnamurthy has made fundamental contributions to the design of error-free arithmetic unit using p-adic numbers. The computer science research group headed by Prof. Krishnamurthy has developed new algebraic techniques for the reconstruction of three-dimensional objects using two-dimensional projections at different angles. He has developed a new computer language for storing and retrieving chemical information. Prof. Krishnamurthy has made significant contributions to the design of algorithms for computer vision, pattern and shape analysis. He has developed an algorithm for automatic phonetic transcription of Tamil in Roman script.
1994 Kumar, Neithalath Mohan (DOB: 12 May 1951),  Sp; Algebra; Algebraic Geometry. School of Mathematics, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Homi Bhabha Road, Mumbai - 400 005. Tel (022) 2152971 (O), Fax  2152181, 2152110

Citation  Dr Kumar has made profound and original contributions to commutative algebra and algebraic geometry. He is well known for his beautiful contribution settling the Eisenbud-Evans conjectures. Another piece of work that has received much acclaim, is his paper on Rational Double Points on Rational Surface. His recent work on complete intersection curves settles a question of great interest.
1985 Malik, Surender Kumar  (DOB: 8 September 1942),  Sp: Applied mathematics; Nonlinear phenomena. CAS in  Mathematics, Panjab University, Chandigarh - 160 014. Tel (0172) 541132, 541441  Extn 1163,1183 (O), 742423 (R), Fax 541132, 541409, Email : staff % maths @;  skm % maths@

Citation Prof. Malik has done pioneering work on nonlinear dispersive waves in self-gravitating media, electrohydrodynamics and magnetohydrodynamics. In particular his theory on nonlinear breakup of a self-gravitating column throws light on the phenomenon of condensation in astronomical bodies. His work on nonlinear self-focussing in magnetic fluids if noteworthy and is likely to have industrial applications.
1991 Mehta, Vikram Bhagvandas  (DOB: 15 August 1946),  Sp: Algebraic geometry; Vector bundles. School of Mathematics, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research,  Homi   Bhabha Road,  Mumbai   - 400 005. Tel (022) 2152971 Extn 2282 (O), 3612725 (R), Fax 2152181, 2152110, Email : vikram @

Citation   Dr Mehta has made contributions to algebraic geometry, especially in problems related to homogeneous spaces of algebraic groups and the theory of vector bundles. The notion of Frobenius split varieties introduced by him and Dr Ramanathan has led to rapid developments in the study of Schubert varieties.
1998 Nag, Subhashis  (DOB: 14 August 1955),  Sp: Complex analytical geometry moduli of Riemann surfaces; Mathematical physics (string theory).  Institute of Mathematical Sciences, CIT Campus, Taramani, Chennai - 600 113. Tel (044) 2352267, 2351856 (O), Fax 2350586, Email : nag @

Citation   Dr Nag has made significant contributions to complex analytic theory of Teichmuller Space.  His work on Universal Teichmuller Space of compact Riemann surfaces is very important.

1975 Narasimhan, Mudumbai Seshachalu  (DOB: 7 June 1932),  Sp: Analysis; Algebraic and Differential geometry.  International Centre for Theoretical Physics, PO Box 586, 34100 Trieste, Italy. Tel (39-040) 2240272 (O), 314264 (R), Fax 2240490, Email : narasim @

Citation   Prof. Narasimhan has made significant contributions in the fields of differential equations, differential geometry and algebraic geometry. Working jointly with Dr C S Seshadri, he gave a characterization of stable vector bundles on an algebraic curve in terms of unitary representation of certain discrete groups. In a joint study of the moduli varieties of these vector bundles with S Ramanan, he has determined the singularities of these varieties and in the case of low ranks their  desingularisation. Apart from relating the moduli of these varieties with moduli of the curve, he has contributed to the study of their cohomology.

1987 Parimala, Raman (DOB: 21 November 1948),  Sp: Algebra. School of Mathematics, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Homi  Bhabha Road,  Mumbai - 400 005. Tel (022) 2152971 Extn 2392 (O), 2152853 (R), Fax 2152110, Email : parimala @

Citation   Dr Parimala's major areas of interest have been quadratic spaces over polynomial rings, classification and composition theory of quaternary quadratic modules over arbitrary commutative rings and determination of wittgroup. Her work represents much of the front edge of our present knowledge in this area.

1976 Parthasarathy, Kalyanapuram Rangachari  (DOB: 25 June 1936),  Sp: Probability theory; Quantum stochastic calculus. Indian Statistical Institute, 7 SJS Sansanwal Marg, New Delhi - 110 016. Tel  (011) 664741 (O), 2494197 (R), Fax 6856779, Email : krp @

Citation  Prof. Parthasarathy has done significant work on the application of probability theory to locally compact groups. Working in collaboration with K Schmidt,  he has derived infinitely divisible projective representations, the Levy-Khinchine-Araki formula on locally compact groups and limit theorems for uniformly infinitesimal families of positive definite Kernels. His work has had a significant impact in the area of theoretical quantum mechanics associated with names of Araki and Woods.

1985 Parthasarathy, Rajagopalan (DOB: 6 October 1945), Sp : Representation theory of Lie groups and algebras. School of Mathematics, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research,  Homi   Bhabha Road,  Mumbai   - 400 005. Tel (022) 2152971 Extn 2246 (O) 2152762 (R), Fax 2152181, 2152110, Email : sarathy @

Citation  Prof. Parthasarathy is one of the leading workers on the theory of unitary representations of semi-simple Lie groups. In a profound work published in Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences, he obtained a criterion for the unitarizability of certain highest weight modules, which was a work of great significance and originality. This has had considerable influence on later work.

1986 Parthasarathy, Thiruvenkatachari (DOB: 1 March 1941),  Sp: Game theory and mathematical programming. Indian Statistical Institute , 7 SJS Sansanwal Marg, New Delhi - 110 016. Tel  (011) 6514741 (O), 6868114 (R), Fax 6856779,  Email : tps @

Citation  Prof. Parthasarathy has made significant contributions in the field of stochastic games. In particular, he has given a (partial) solution to the classification problem and has successfully identified two major classes of stochastic games where the order field property holds. This is a significant breakthrough in the field of finite algorithms.

1983 Passi, Inder Bir Singh  (DOB: 20 August 1939),  Sp: Algebra.Centre for Advanced Study in Mathematics, Panjab University, Chandigarh - 160 014. Tel ( 0172) 541156, 541441 Extn 1165 (O), 691283 (R), Fax 541132, Email :  passi @

Citation   Prof. Passi, a noted group-theorist in India, has made significant contribution to certain aspects of theory of groups specially to the study of group-rings in which he ia leading expert. His results on the dimension subgroups, augmentation powers in group-rings, and related problems have received wide recognition. His 1979 monograph summarizing the state of the subject is a basic reference source.
1982 Prakasa Rao, Bhagavatula Lakshmi Surya  (DOB: 6 October 1942),  Sp: Mathematical Statistics. Indian Statistical Institute , 7 SJS Sansanwal Marg, New Delhi - 110 016. Tel  (011) 6516200 (O), 6969748 (R), Fax  6856779, Email  : blsp @

Citation  Prof. Prakasa Rao has made significant contributions on statistical inference in stochastic processes. In his earlier work, he had extended the Bernstein-von-Mises rates of convergence for independent variables to  discrete parameter stationary Markov processes.  He has developed the theory of large sample tests and estimation for general stochastic processes, and has investigated large sample properties of maximum probability, maximum likelihood and Bayes, estimates for diffusion processes. In recent years, Prof. Prakasa Rao has obtained significant results with regard to the asymptotic theory of statistical inference in stochastic processes and non-parametric density estimation.
1989 Prasad, Gopal  (DOB: 31 July 1945),  Sp: Theory of Lie groups and Algebraic groups. Department of Mathematics, Michigan University, Ann Arbor, MI 48109, USA. Tel (+1-734) 7640372 (O), 7618470 (R), Fax 7630937, Email : gprasad @

Citation  Prof. Prasad  is a leading expert in the theory of algebraic groups and their arithmetic. Among his significant contributions are strong approximation for semi-simple groups over function field, study of central extensions of p-adic and adelic groups and the computation of the covolume of all principal S-arithmetic subgroups. His work reveals his mastery over the most intricate aspects of arithmetic groups and has led to important developments in the field.
1983 Prasad, Phoolan (DOB: 1 January 1944),  Sp: Nonlinear wave; Partial differential equations; Fluid mechanics. Department of Mathematics,  Indian  Institute  of  Science,  Bangalore - 560 012. Tel (080) 3092264 /65/67 (O), 3371039 (R), Fax 3341683, 3342085, Email :

Citation   Prof. Phoolan Prasad has done significant work in the area on non-linear hyperbolic equations. He has succeeded in assessing the basic properties of the equations of various physical phenomena, generalized these mathematical properties and then used his theory to explain new results in the field of non-linear waves.  He has given the proof of the existence of a new type of wave on the interface of a clear liquid and a mixture in a sedimentation process; this has been confirmed by recent experiments.
1977 Raghunathan, Madabusi Santanam  (DOB: 11 August 1941),  Sp: Algebraic groups; Lie groups and discrete  subgroups.  Tata  Institute  of  Fundamental   Research,  Homi   Bhabha Road,  Mumbai   - 400 005. Tel (022) 2152971, 2188654 (O), 2152466 (R),  Fax 2152181, 2152110, Email :

Citation   Prof. Raghunathan, an eminent mathematician, has been responsible in the past decade for advancements in the area of Lie groups, particularly discrete subgroups of Lie groups. In his earlier work he proved the rigidity of  “non-uniform” arithmetic lattices connected with Selberg's conjecture. Later, he essentially solved Selberg's conjecture for non-uniform lattices before the complete solution of the conjecture by G.A. Margulis.  Through his recent work he has made significant contributions to Serre's conjecture on the “Congruence Sub-group Problem” and generalisations of Quillen's solution of Serre's problem on vector bundles on the affine space.
1979 Raghavan, Srinivasacharya (DOB: 11 April 1934), Sp: Number theory; Automorphic functions. A 1, Ashok Ganapathim, 25 Fourth Main Road, R A Puram, Chennai - 600 028. Tel (044) 4364869 (R)

Citation   Prof. Raghavan has made significant contributions on number theory. His work on modular forms of several variables has been considered basic and extends in a non-trivial way the ideas of Hecke and Siegel. He has proved important results in analytic continuation of Eisenstein-Siegel series. His characterization of singular Siegel modular forms answers a long standing question of Maass. His work on Diophantine approximation is a significant improvement on the earlier work of Davenport and Heilbronn.
1998 Ramadas, Trivandrum Ramakrishnan (DOB: 30 March 1955),  Sp: Algebraic and Differential geometry; Mathematical physics.School of Mathematics, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Homi   Bhabha Road,  Mumbai   - 400 005. Tel (022) 2152971 (O), 2152882 (R), Fax 2152181, 2152110, Email : ramadas @

Citation   Dr  Ramadas has made significant contributions to algebraic geometry and related models in mathematical physics.  His contributions to generalised theta functions on moduli spaces of vector bundles and the Verlinde formula are very important.
1979 Ramanan, Sundararaman  (DOB: 20 July 1936), Sp: Algebraic geometry; Differential geometry. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research,  Homi   Bhabha Road,  Mumbai   - 400 005. Tel (022) 2152971 Extn 2220 (O), 2152308 (R), Fax 2152110, Email : ramanan @

Citation   Prof. Ramanan has made significant contributions in differential geometry and algebraic geometry, some in collaboration with Prof. M S Narasimhan. In differential geometry, his work with Prof. Narasimhan proving the existence of universal connections has been of relevance in the context of Yang-Mills theory in physics. In algebraic geometry, Prof. Ramanan's work concerns the study of the moduli space of vector bundles on an algebraic curve. The result that the moduli space of vector bundles on an algebraic curve has the same local deformation space as that of the curve, gives an elegant generalization of moduli spaces of vector bundles on a hyper-elliptic curve and on the non-existence of Poincare families for certain moduli varieties of vector bundles on curves has been widely acclaimed.
1991 Ramanathan, Annamalai  (DOB: 29 August 1946),  Sp: Algebraic geometry. Expired.

Citation   Dr Ramanathan has made contributions to algebraic geometry. His joint work with Dr Mehta, where the notion of Frobenius split varieties was introduced, has led to the solution of a host of problems on Schubert varieties and related topics. He has also made important contribution to the study of stable principal bundles and related areas.
1965 Ramanathan, K Gopala (DOB: 13 November 1920), Sp: Quadratic form; Modular functions and discontinuous groups work on Ramanujan's notes. Expired.

Citation   Dr Ramanathan's work concerns mainly three aspects of Number Theory: Study of arithmetical groups, Diophantine inequalities and Automorphic functions related to quadratic forms. The work on arithmetical groups, relates to the solution of some important problems concerning their finite generation, commensurability and maximality. The work on Diophantine inequalities is related to problems of Davenport on the density of values of quadratic and other arithmetical forms. His recent work on automorphic functions is related to Siegel formula and is a notable contribution to Analytic Number Theory.

1959 Rao, Calympudi Radhakrishna (DOB: 10 September 1920), Sp: Mathematical statistics and its applications in biology. Department of Statistics, Penn State University, 326, Thomas Building, University Park, PA 16802, USA. Tel (814) 8653194 (O), 2346209 (R), Fax 8637114 (O); 2340372 (R), Email : crr1 @

Citation   Prof. Radhakrishna Rao is internationally known for his contributions to statistical theory and biometric methods, and as the principal author of several major statistical theorems which are incorporated in modern books on statistics. He has formulated the concept of second order efficiency in the theory of estimation; developed new combinatorial arrangements of importance in experimental design in agriculture and  animal husbandry; introduced the concept of orthogonal arrays which provided an essential component in disproving Euler's conjecture on orthogonal Latin squares; made significant contributions to the theory and application of multivariate analysis which are incorporated in his book, “Advanced Statistical Methods in Biometric Research”, published in New York.

1972 Seshadri, Conjeevaram Srirangachari (DOB: 29 February 1932), Sp: Algebraic geometry; Algebraic groups. SPIC Mathematical Institute, 92, G N Chetty Road, Chennai - 600 017. Tel (044) 8284232, 8284251 (O), 4951198 (R), Fax 8256842, Email : css @

CitationDr Seshadri's significant contribution lies in algebraic geometry, mainly the moduli problems for vector bundles on curves and the construction of quotient spaces modulo-reductive algebraic groups. In a joint paper with Prof.  M S Narasimhan, he gave a characterization of the stable bundles of D Mumford in terms of unitary representation of certain discrete groups. Using the result, he succeeded in constructing the module varieties as normal projective varieties. This work is regarded as basic in the field. Another important work of Dr Seshadri which has found wide application in many moduli problems relates to the quotient of the space of stable points under a reductive algebraic group.

1992 Sharan, Maithili  (DOB: 4 January 1953),  Sp : Mathematical Modelling; Biofluid Mechanics. Centre for Atmospheric Sciences, Indian Institute of  Technology, New Delhi - 110 016. Tel (011) 6861977 Extn. 6024 (O), 6515480 (R), Fax 6862037, Email : mathilis @

Citation  Dr Sharan has developed innovative mathematical models for the transport of oxygen, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide in living systems. He has thereby laid the foundation for understanding of physiological processes underlying the gas transport.

1987 Shorey, Tarlok Nath  (DOB: 30 October 1945),  Sp: Theory of numbers. School of Mathematics, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Homi Bhabha Road, Colaba, Mumbai - 400 005. Tel (022) 2152971 Extn 2222 (O), 2151802 (R), Fax 2152110, Email : shorey @

Citation  Prof. Shorey has done significant work on Transcendental Number theory, in particular best estimates for linear forms in logarithms of algebraic numbers. He has to his credit ingenious and original applications of Baker's method to Diophantine equations and Ramanujan's T-function.

1982 Shukla, Jang Bahadur  (DOB: 13 January 1937),  Sp: Mathematical modelling of ecological environmental physiological and engineering systems. Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur - 208 016.

Citation  Prof. Shukla had proposed a new deterministic theory regarding the effect of surface roughness in lubrication which was considered a breakthrough. He has done significant work on Biofluid dynamics, in particular peristaltic transport of faeces in intestines and on interaction of biorheological aspects of blood flow and arterial stenosis. Prof. Shukla has also made important contributions in the area of population dynamics of interacting species and mathematical theory of epidemics by taking into account environmental effects. His work on mathematical models on air-pollution is well recognized.

1993 Singhi, Navinkumar Madhavprasad (DOB: 19 March 1949),  Sp: Combinatorial mathematics. School of Mathematics, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Homi Bhabha Road, Colaba, Mumbai - 400 005. Tel (022) 2152971 Extn 2590 (O), 2151814 (R), Fax 2152110, Email : singhi @

Citation   Dr Singhi has made a breakthrough in the field of combinatorial mathematics, particularly in the areas of embedding of residual designs in symmetric designs, l-design conjecture and t-designs and codes.

1988 Sinha, Kalyan Bidhan  (DOB: 3 June 1944),  Sp: Mathematical theory of scattering and spectral theory of Schrodinger operators; algebra of operators; Quantum stochastic process. Indian Statistical Institute, 7, SJS Sansanwal Marg, New Delhi - 110 016. Tel  (011) 6516200 (O), 6512086 (R), Fax 6856779, Email : kbs @

Citation   Prof. Sinha has done significant work on the mathematical theory of quantum scattering, spectral theory of Schrodinger operators and quantum stochastic calculus.

1980 Sridharan, Ramaiyengar  (DOB: 4 July 1935),  Sp: Algebra.School of Mathematics, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Homi Bhabha Road, Colaba, Mumbai - 400 005. Tel (022) 2152971 Extn 2217 (O), 2152131 (R), Fax 2152110, Email : sridhar @

Citation   Prof. Sridharan has made significant contributions through his studies on projective modules over polynomial extensions of divison rings, which provided understanding of problems on quadratic forms. His collaborative work with S Parimala and M Ojanguren had led to important developments in the quadratic analogue of Serre's conjecture. Prof. Sridharan's earlier work on Lie algebras and projectivities over rings has attracted wide attention.

1996 Sunder, Vaikalathur Shankar  (DOB: 6 April 1952),  Sp: Subfactors; Operator algebra. Institute of Mathematical Sciences, CIT  Campus, Taramani, Chennai - 600 113. Tel (044) 2351856 (O), 8583343 (R), Fax 2350586, Email : sunder @

Citation   Dr Sunder discovered integral hypergroups which describe the fusion rules governing the irreducible bimodules coming from a subfactor in the theory of von Neumann algebras. This has led to the important conclusion that certain graphs cannot arise as principal graphs of subfactors, thereby settling a well-known conjecture of Ocneanu.

1986 Tewari, Udai Bhan  (DOB: 18 June 1944),  Sp: Abstract harmonic analysis. Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur - 208 016. Tel (0512) 597500 (O), Fax 597500, Email : ubtewari @

Citation   Prof. Tewari's main contributions have been in the area of Harmonic Analysis. He has been particularly concerned with Segal Algebras. His work proving the existence of Segal Algebras on non-compact locally compact abelian groups, with multiplier algebras different from the measure algebra, is essentially a significant contribution to this field. His extension of F and M Riesz Theorems to operators on certain Segal Algebras is another important contribution. His work on the multiplier algebra as well as the algebra of translation invariant operators on the group algebra of vector valued function is also of considerable importance.

1976 Trehan, Surindar Kumar  (DOB: 4 April 1931),  Sp: Non-linear stability in magnetohydro-dynamics. Department of Mathematics, Punjab University, Chandigarh - 160 014. Tel (0172) 742683 (R)

Citation   Prof. Trehan has done significant work on stability of force-free magnetic fields, stability of jets and cylinders and stability of inhomogeneous plasmas. His recent work on the mathematical treatment of gaseous polytropes in the presence of a magnetic field may prove a breakthrough in this important area. He has also done important work on hydromagnetic waves and rotating gaseous masses.