Engineering Sciences

1967 Anantharaman, Tanjore Ramachandra (DOB: 25 November 1927),  Sp: Physical metallurgy; Structural changes and imperfections in metals and alloys; Microcrystalline materials and quasi crystals.  Metals & Alloys Group, National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi - 110 012. Tel (011) 5787857 (O), (0124) 350088 (R), Fax 5752678, 5714189

Citation   Prof. Anantharaman is among the few metallurgical engineers in the country to have undertaken the dual responsibility of teaching as well as research at an academic institution. He has made important contributions to the theory of plastic deformation, to the understanding of precipitation stages in supersaturated solid solutions, and to the use of refined low-angle X-ray scattering techniques.

1980 Arunachalam, Vallampadugai Srinivasaraghavan  (DOB: 10 November 1935),  Sp: Material Science & Technology; Physical; mechanical and Powder metallurgy. Department of Materials Science & Engineering, Engg. and Public Policy and Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA 15213-3890, USA. Tel (412) 2682709 (O), 6813010 (R), Fax 2681513, Email : vsa @

Citation   Dr Arunachalam has done valuable applied and fundamental work in the area of materials technology. His work on ordered alloys, strength of two materials, creep behaviour and mechanism of pore closure is well recognized. Under his leadership, the country has become self-reliant in respect of certain strategic materials.

1993 Banerjee, Dipankar  (DOB: 15 February 1952),  Sp: Physical Metallurgy.  Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory, Kanchanbagh, Hyderabad - 500 058. Tel (040) 4440681, 4440233 (O), 4440080 (R), Fax 4440683, 4441439, Email : db @

Citation   Dr Banerjee's contributions to the characterisation of structure and properties of titanium alloys using advanced techniques of electron microscopy have greatly enriched the scientific knowledge in this field. His work on the physical metallurgy of newer generation titanium aluminides has laid the basis for significant improvements in this alloy system for applications in gas turbine engines.

1989 Banerjee, Srikumar (DOB: 25 April 1946),  Sp: Physical metallurgy.  Materials Science Division, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai - 400 085.  Tel (022) 5519949 (O), 5568791 (R), Fax 5560750, Email : sbanerji @

Citation      Dr Banerjee has made significant contribution to phase transformation and structure-property correlations in titanium, zirconium and shape-memory alloys.  His contributions to devitrification in zirconium base glasses have been highly creative.  His work on irradiation-induced order-disorder transformation and phase separation in nickel-molybdenum alloys is highly original.

1993 Bhatia, Suresh Kumar  (DOB: 8 September 1952),  Sp: Reaction and transport processes in porous media; Catalytic and non-catalytic fluid-solid reactions; Precipitation; Mathematical modelling.  Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Queensland, St Lucia, Brisbane, QLD 4072, Australia. Tel (+61-7) 33654263 (O), 38784574 (R), Fax 33654199,  Email : sureshb @

Citation   Dr Bhatia has made original contributions in engineering analysis of reaction and transport processes in porous media and catalytic and non-catalytic solid fluid reactions. His ideas concerning vapour-liquid and reaction equilibria accompanying catalytic reaction in small pores are innovative. His work has led to an elucidation of experimental rate multiplicities an hysteresis and demonstrated the existence and consequence of partial internal wetting states, for multiphase reaction in catalyst particles.

1971 Bhattacharyya, Amitabha  (DOB: 12 November 1931), Sp: Production engineering; Management  science; Education; Rural technovation.  Expired.

Citation   Dr Bhattacharyya has made valuable contributions, both applied and fundamental, in developing cutting tools technology for metal removal. His work has brought in new and original ideas in the design of cutting tools  and several new types of cutting tools, such as (i) tangential-split modified point drill, (ii) retraced type Kolosov high production tools, and (iii) core drill with clamped inserts. Some of his noteworthy contributions are : (1) development of a new ceramic cutting tool material, tantalum nitrate-zirconium diboride, in collaboration with Carborundum Universal, Niagra Falls and Pennsylvania State University; (2) design and commercial development of an OPTOSCOPE for chip analysis in metal cutting research; (3) stochastic modelling of wear of cutting tools; (4) diffusion wear of cutting tools - the basic modelling; and (5) adhesion wear analysis at temperature sensitive regions.

1984 Bhawalkar, Dilip Devidas  (DOB: 19 October 1940),  Sp: Laser and Nonlinear optics. Centre for Advanced Technology, Indore - 452 013. Tel (0731) 481626 (O), 481162 (R), Fax 481625, Email : ddb @

Citation   Dr Bhawalkar has done significant work in the area of high power glass lasers and their applications in laser produced plasmas. This work is of  importance in the advancement of fusion research in the country.

1992 Borkar, Vivek Shripad  (DOB: 19 September 1954),  Sp: Stochastic control.  Department of Computer Science and Automation , Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore - 560 012. Tel (080) 3092368 (O), 3311358 (R), Fax 3341683,  Email : borkar @

Citation   Dr Borkar has made fundamental contributions to the stochastic optimal control processes using a new convex analytical paradigm based upon occupation measures. He has resolved some of the open issues about long-run-average-cost control and control under partial observations. He has proved asymptotic optimality of certain adaptive control schemes and analysed stochastic games with noisy observations.

1963 Brahm, Prakash  (DOB: 21 August 1912),  Sp: Mineral chemistry and extractive metallurgy; Atomic energy and space programme. Expired.

Citation   Dr  Prakash has been specially concerned with development of the fabrication technology for nuclear fuel elements for research and power reactors. The  Fuel Element Fabrication Plant at Trombay, designed and built under his direction, provides fuel elements to meet the full requirements of the natural uranium reactors, CIRUS and ZERLINA, at Trombay.

1968 Chakravorty, Kshitish Ranjan  (DOB: 1 February 1916),  Sp: Fertilizer Science and Technology; Catalysis;  Engineering science and  fundamental science.  6/12 Central Park, Jadavpur, Calcutta - 700 032.

Citation   Dr Chakravorty has made pioneering contributions in the development of indigenous process know-how and products, leading to import substitution and building up of indigenous capacity and expertise for planning, design and engineering of large-scale fertilizer and heavy chemical plants. Particularly notable among these is the development of know-how for the entire range of fertilizer catalysts and their manufacture in the country. These catalysts have been developed on the basis of a new theory on the mechanism of catalysis propounded by him, and the integration of this know-how in the design and engineering of fertilizer plants. This breakthrough has led to the establishment of the fertilizer industry on a technologically self-reliant basis and has, in its wake, given an impetus to increased indigenous fabrication of machinery and equipment for fertilizer plants.

Dr Chakravorty has been responsible for building up the Planning & Development Division of the Fertilizer Corporation of India into a comprehensive and integrated multi-functional organization. It encompasses the various interrelated and interlinked functions of not only laboratory research, pilot plants, project planning, design engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning of fertilizer plants but also agronomical research, application and promotional activities for finished fertilizers in the country; this has rendered possible self-sufficiency in the fertilizer industry in its entirety.

1995 Chattopadhyay, Kamanio  (DOB: 3 March 1950),  Sp: Physical Metallurgy and Material Engineering.  Department of Metallurgy, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore - 560 012. Tel (080) 3092678 (O), 3317660 (R), Fax 3341683, Email : kamanio @

Citation   Dr Chattopadhyay  has made pioneering contributions towards synthesis and characterization of new classes materials incuding quasicrystals and namocomposites through his sustained experimental and theoretical investigations.

1981 Dutta Roy, Suhash Chandra  (DOB: 1 November 1937),  Sp: Circuits; Systems and Signal processing. Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi - 110 016. Tel  (011) 6963749, 6861977-84  Extn 2213 (O), 6561619 (R), Fax 6862037, Email : scdroy @

Citation   Prof. Dutta Roy has done significant work in the field of signal processing-digital as well as analog. His work on charge coupled devices has important applications in a wide variety of industries. His other notable contributions include a simple and elegant method for sensitivity calculation in active and passive filters and a network synthetic approach to variable frequency oscillators. His work in the area of distributed RC networks is of importance in respect of analog integrated circuit.

1998 Jhunjhunwala, Ashok  (DOB: 22 June 1953),  Sp: Electrical engineering / Communication networks; Surface acoustic wave devices; Optical communication. Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai - 600 036. Tele Fax (044) 2352120, Email : ashok @

Citation      Dr Jhunjhunwala has made outstanding contributions to the development of wireless local loop technology at the internationally cutting edge level.  Of equal significance are his contributions in the area of Surface Acoustic Wave Theory.

1991 Joshi, Jyeshtharaj Bhalchandra (DOB: 28 May 1949),  Sp: Chemical engineering; Fluid mechanics; Reactor design. Department of Chemical Technology, University of Mumbai, Mumbai - 400 019. Tel (022) 4145616 (O), 5226370 (R), Fax 4145614, Email : jbj @

Citation      Dr Joshi has innovatively combined incisive theoretical analysis with outstanding experimental work for the development of unified design procedures for multiphase reactors. Some of the procedures have been validated for large scale operations. A unique blend of theory, modelling and intuition has resulted in more efficient design of bubble columns and mechanically agitated two and three phase reactors.

1983 Kasturirangan, Krishnaswamy  (DOB: 24 October 1940),  Sp: Astronomy; Space science; Satellite technology.  Department of Space, Antariksh Bhawan, New BEL Road, Bangalore - 560 094. Tel (080) 3415241, 3416181 (O), 3432475 (R), Fax 3415328, Email : krangan @

Citation   Dr Kasturirangan has made original contributions to the development of Satellite Technology. He has done significant work on the design and development of the two experimental remote sensing satellites which have become the forerunners for the semi-operational sensing satellite IRS. He has made original contributions in the field of high energy astronomy, particularly in the areas of X-ray and gamma-ray astronomy using satellite and rocket based instrumentation.

1997 Khakhar, Devang Vipin  (DOB: 7 April 1959),  Sp: Chemical engineering.  Department of Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Powai, Mumbai - 400 076. Tel (022) 5767212 (O), 5787446 (R), Fax 5783480, Email : khakhar @

Citation   Dr Khakhar has done pioneering work on the polymerization of rod-like molecules and shear flow induced enhancement of the rates of polymerization.

1966 Krishna, Jai  (DOB: 14 February 1912),  Sp: Earthquake Engineering. 61, Civil Lines,  Roorkee - 247 667. Tel (01332) 72338 (R)

Citation   Dr Krishna has made valuable contributions in the field of Earthquake Engineering. He has contributed original ideas in the design and construction of earth quake resistance structures, leading to the evolution of economic design and construction practices. Some of his noteworthy contributions in this field are : (i) methods for strengthening brick buildings to resist earthquake forces, (ii) design, construction and installation of structural response recorders and accelerographs in India to collect seismic data for the design of structures, (iii) earthquake resistant design of water towers and other structures of post-earthquake importance, (iv) earthquake resistant design of dams, bridges and other major structures, and (v) the concept of iso-acceleration lines indicative of earthquake forces in epicentral tracts for the study of distribution and attenuation of energy from earthquake source.

1988 Kulkarni, Bhaskar Dattatraya  (DOB: 5 May 1949),  Sp: Chemical reaction engineering; Applied mathematics; Transport phenomena.  Chemical Engineering Division, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune - 411 008. Tel (020) 367295, 333941 (O), 336872 (R), Fax 330233, 333941, Email : bdk @

Citation   Prof. Kulkarni has done important work in the field of chemical reaction engineering. His novel concept of delayed diffusion has explained the unexpected feature of reaction starting at the centre of the pellet. Based on his work on fluidised bed reactors and stability of chemical reactors, he has introduced new concepts in these areas. He has introduced new ideas on noise-induced transitions. His novel integer solution approach is highly general and will be equally applicable to problems in basic and applied sciences.

1976 Kumar, Rajinder  (DOB: 9 September 1934),  Sp: Modelling of multiphase phenomena.  Department of Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore - 560 012. Tel (080) 3344411/2320 (O), 3346394 (R), Fax 3341683, Email : kumar @

Citation   Prof. Kumar has done significant work in the fields of hydrodynamics and mass transfer in multiphase systems. The two-stage model of Prof. Kumar for bubble of drop formation is now used widely. Prof. Kumar has successfully utilized his basic research work in the design and operation of a large scale fluidized bed reactor for the manufacture of copper sulphate directly from chalcopyrites.

1987 Lele, Shrikant  (DOB: 24 January 1943),  Sp: Phase transformations; Structural imperfections; Rapid solidifications; Quasicrystals.  Department of Metallurgical Engineering, Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi - 221 005. Tel (0542) 316136 (O), 361589 (R), Fax 316925, 317074, Email : slele @

Citation   Prof. Lele's work has led to advancement of knowledge in structural metallurgy. He has done notable original work on the calculation of X-ray diffraction effects from faulted close-packed crystals, the understanding of solid state transformations amongst small period modifications of silicon carbide, martensitic transformations and spinodal decomposition in alloys and the analysis of electron diffraction from quasicrystals.

1982 Mashelkar, Raghunath Anant  (DOB: 1 January 1943),  Sp: Polymer science & engineering; Connective diffusion; Non-Newtonian fluid mechanics. Council of Scientific & Industrial Research, Anusandhan Bhawan, Rafi Marg, New Delhi - 110 001. Tel  (011) 3710472, 3717053 (O), 4649359, 4618851 (R), Fax 3710618, Email : dgcsir @; csirhq @

Citation   Dr Mashelkar has done significant work in several areas of polymer science and engineering. He has done original and pioneering work on transport phenomena in macromolecular media. His work in reaction engineering, particularly for polycondensation reactors, is novel and has been applied in an imaginative way in industry.

1986 Munjal, Manohar Lal  (DOB: 4 April 1945),  Sp: Acoustics of ducts and mufflers; Computer simulation of engine processes; Industrial noise control.  Department of Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore - 560 012. Tel (080) 3092302 (O), 3349326 (R), Fax 3341648, Email : munjal @

Citation   Prof. Munjal has done significant work in the field of vibration and noise. His work in aeroacoustics and finite wave analysis of exhaust systems with complex elements is of significance in the design and optimization of flow passages for engineering applications.

1974 Narasimha, Roddam  (DOB: 20 July 1933),  Sp: Fluid mechanics; Aerospace engineering; Atmospheric sciences. National Institute of Advanced Studies, Indian Institute of Science Campus, Bangalore - 560 012. Tel (080) 3310969, 3344351(O), 3412705 (R), Fax 3346634, Email : roddam @

Citation   Dr Narasimha who has  had a distinguished academic career has made significant contributions in the broad field of fluid mechanics. In  particular, his studies relating to turbulence, boundary layers and rarefied  gas dynamics have opened new horizons and helped in obtaining a better understanding of these phenomena. His main forte is to extract simple physical models from complex engineering problems and apply sophisticated mathematical tools to obtain a better understanding of them. Typical examples of his versatility are his studies related to satellite vehicles applying rarefied gas dynamics theories, statistical analysis of the relationship between performance and maintenance of aircraft, studies related to flow-induced oscillations in nuclear reactor Calandria, and the structure of turbulent and transitional fluid flows.

1964 Nijhawan, Bal Raj  (DOB: 22 September 1915),  Sp: Metallurgical engineering; R & D for metallurgical industries.  2805, Raintree Court, Kokomo-IN 46902, USA. Tel (765) 4551273, Fax 4551273, 4521511

Citation   Dr Nijhawan has made notable contributions in iron-making and pneumatic steel-making techniques, austenitic grain size  control and abnormality in steels. He has developed several substitute families of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, including stainless steels. He has been responsible for the  setting up of heavy integrated pilot plants at the National Metallurgical Laboratory. Dr Nijhawan has also done valuable work for ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgical industries in the public and private sectors.

1974 Pai, Mangalore Anantha  (DOB: 5 October 1931),  Sp: Power system dynamics; Stability and control; Parallel computation in power system. Department of  Electrical and Computer Engineering, Illinois University, 1406 W Green Street, Urbana, IL 61801 USA. Tel (217) 3336790 (O), 3440977 (R), Fax 3331162, Email : pai @

Citation   Prof. Pai has made important contributions in the areas of power stability, large scale power system analysis, system security and optimal control of nuclear reactors. He has developed  a power system software which will be of direct use to most Electricity Boards. The most significant contribution of Prof. Pai has been in the area of industrial consultation. In this area of work, he has been actively associated with State Electricity Boards and leading private and public sector undertakings.

1990 Pal, Sankar Kumar  (DOB: 13 September 1950),  Sp: Pattern recognition; Image processing and vision neural network and fuzzy systems. Machine Intelligence Unit, Indian Statistical  Institute, 203, B T Road, Calcutta - 700 035. Tel (033) 5778085 Extn. 3101 (O), 5578030 (R), Fax 5776680, 5776925, Email : sankar @

Citation   Prof. Pal's contributions comprise a balanced mixture of theory, algorithms and applications using an equally balanced mixture of classical and modern concepts in the field of pattern recognition. His work is particularly significant in respect of image processing problems where the pattern ambiguity is due to inherent vagueness rather than randomness. He has developed various new fuzzy set theoretical tools for the analysis and recognition of patterns which include a new definition of image entropy.

1988 Prasad, Surendra (DOB: 10 July 1948),  Sp: Statistical and Digital signal processing; Application to communications; Speech geophysics; Radar & Sonar.  Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi - 110 016. Tel  (011) 6861977 (O), 6965369, 6861977 Extn. 8397 (R), Fax 6862037, Email : sprasad @

Citation   Prof. Prasad has done significant work in the field of signal processing, including development of new techniques, algorithms and hardware. His notable achievements include design of optimum signals and receivers, techniques for array pattern synthesis, adaptive algorithm for optimum MTI filters, important results for time delay estimation and underwater data communication, and innovations in deconvolution of seismic signals. His recent work on silicon compilation is of particular significance in the context of VLSI design.

1990 Prathap, Gangan  (DOB: 6 June 1951),  Sp: Structural mechanics; Composite material; Finite element method.  Structures Division, National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore - 560 017.  Tel (080) 5086209 (O), 5086398 (R),  Fax 5260862, 5262989, Email : gp @

Citation   Dr Prathap has made contributions to gaining fundamental understanding of finite element formulations. He addressed himself to a problem confounding the community of researchers and practitioners in computational mechanics, namely, obtaining entirely robust formulations. He has resolved the problem by evolving the concept of field consistency and field consistent elements. He has validated the concept by applying it to a range of structural problems.

1976 Rajaraman, Vaidyeswaran  (DOB: 8 September 1933),  Sp: Computer science; Information systems. SERC, Indian Institute of Science Campus, Bangalore - 560 012. Tel (080) 3341805, 3341811, 3092532 (O), 3419672 (R), Fax 3341683, Email : rajaram @

Citation   Prof. Rajaraman is a pioneer in the education, research and applications of computer science in the country. His significant research work in the area of decision tables is widely used. He has made a unique contribution in the application of the computers in real time process control in industry, in particular, in the steel industry.

1979 Rama Rao, Palle  (DOB: 30 June 1937),  Sp: Physical metallurgy.  Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, Niyamak Bhawan, Anushakti Nagar, Mumbai - 400 094. Tel (022) 5562343 (O), 3637027 (R), Fax 5562344, Email : ramarao @

Citation   Prof. Rama Rao has done significant work in physical metallurgy, notably structural imperfections and mechanical behaviour. His contributions on X-ray diffraction broadening in deformed metals are well recognized. His work on stacking faults has been used in the development of alloy theories. His work provides the scientific base for the design of alloys with improved mechanical properties.

1965 Rao, Ayyagari Sambasiva  (DOB: 20 September 1914),  Sp: Electronics; Radiation protection.  1-32, Snehapuri, Nacharam Post, Hyderabad - 500 076.  Tel  (040) 7170584

Citation   Shri Rao was reponsible for the design,  construction and commissioning of the control systems of the two reactors built at Trombay -- Apsara and Zerlina.  The work done by the Electronics Division has resulted in a wide variety of electronic equipment and components, such as reactor control instruments, nuclear electronic instruments, industrial equipment, test equipment, analogue computer, thermoelectric coolers, semiconductor devices, servo components and magnetic amplifiers being made available indigenously.  Shri Rao organized a countrywide network of monitoring stations for determining the extent of environmental radioactive contamination resulting from nuclear explosions.

1989 Rao, Gundabathula Venkateswara (DOB: 9 November 1944 ),  Sp: Finite element methods; Optimum design of structures; Non-linear analysis of structures. Structural Engineering Group, Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, Thiruvananthapuram - 695 022.  Tel (0471) 563584 (O), Fax 460511,  Email : gv_rao @

Citation   Dr Rao has made outstanding original contributions in the field of structural mechanics. These include properties of finite elements and non-linearities due to large deformations and material characteristics. He led a team which was responsible for developing a medium-sized general purpose programme designated, the FEAST (finite element analysis of structures) suitable for a spectrum of applications in research laboratories and industries. Its use has enabled efficient design and analysis of series of rocket system in India.

1985 Rao, Patcha Ramachandra ((DOB: 21 March 1942) Sp: Physical metallurgy; Thermodynamics of alloys  National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur - 831 007.  Tel (0657) 431131, 426097 (O), 223864 (R), Fax 426527, Email : drml @; nml @

Citation      Prof. Rao has made significant theoretical and experimental contributions in the field of rapid solidification of metals.  He developed a number of innovative techniques for the preparation, characterisation and modelling of metastable products, including the first ever predesigned quasicrystalline alloy.

1975 Rao, Udipi Ramachandra (DOB: 10 March 1932), Sp: Space science & technology; Avionics; Electronics; Astronomy; Satellite and rocket technology.  Department of Space, Antariksh Bhawan, New BEL Road, Bangalore - 560 094. Tel (080) 3416406 (O), 5269523 (R), Fax 3410705, Email : urrao @

Citation   Prof.  Rao's major contributions have been in the area of satellite technology. To him goes the credit for systems engineering from conception to design, fabrication and operational phase of  satellite systems. He was the chief architect behind India's first satellite ‘Aryabhatta'. The technological spin-offs of this system will enable the development of more sophisticated spacecraft systems for national development in the coming decades.

1984 Ratnasamy, Paul  (DOB: 11 June 1942),   Sp: Catalysis   National  Chemical  Laboratory,  Pune  -  411 008. Tel (020) 336151 (O), 333906 (R), Fax 330233, Email : prs @; prs @

Citation   Dr Ratnasamy has discovered novel zeolite catalysts having applications in major processes for the production of hydrocarbons such as a para-xylene, ethyl benzene and light olefins. Dr Ratnasamy's research in applied catalysis has both proven and potential application in petroleum refining and petrochemical industry.

1978 Seshadri, Sekharipuram Narayanaiyer (DOB: 15 March 1937), Sp: Control systems. Expired.

Citation   Shri Seshadri has made significant contributions in the field of control engineering as applied to nuclear research reactors. He has also done useful work on control systems for satellite communication, earth station antennas, tracking and telemetering of rockets, and traction motors for high power locomotives. His designs have been successfully exploited by several agencies and industries.

1960 Sethna, Homi Nusserwanji  (DOB: 24 August 1923),  Sp: Reactor engineering; Research administration; Atomic energy. Tata Electric Companies, Bombay House, 24, Homi Mody Street, Fort, Mumbai - 400 001. Tel (022) 2041047 (O), 3640812, 3649723 (R), Fax 2851870, 3642018

.Citation   Dr Sethna is responsible for design, construction and erection of the plutonium plant for the processing of spent fuel. He is also responsible for supervision and construction of a waste treatment plant for the safe management of radioactive wastes. Dr  Sethna and his group have obtained valuable extraction data for the dissolve fuel containing fission products and plutonium.

1998 Sharma, Anurag  (DOB: 7 May 1955),  Sp: Photonics / Optical electronics (Fiber optics and integrated optics) Applied optics.  Fiber Optics Group, Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi - 110 016. Tel 6861977 Extn 7409 (O), 6867022 (R), Fax 6862037, 6865039, Email : asharma @

Citation    Dr Sharma has made pioneering contributions in the emerging field of optoelectronics and optical communications by developing efficient analytical and numerical methods for dielectric optical wave guides, single-mode fibers, GRIN devices and optical imaging systems.

1973 Sharma, Man Mohan  (DOB: 1 May 1937),  Sp: Mass transfer with or without chemical reaction; Multiphase reactions; Phase transfer catalysis; Catalysis by ion exchange resins; Separations through reactions. 502, Saurabh, Plot No. 39, Kunder Marg, Swastik Park, Chembur, Mumbai - 400 071. Tel (022) 5291539, 5296876 (O),  Email : mmsharma @

Citation   Prof. Sharma's researches over the years have been of industrial importance and concerned with chemical reactions and mass transfer characteristics of fluid-fluid contactors. He has carried out detailed studies on the kinetics of gas-liquid and liquid-liquid reactions where mass transfer is accompanied by chemical reaction, viz. oxidation of cuprous chloride, dithionite and aldehydes, absorption of isobutylene in aqueous sulphuric acid; alkylation of phenols with isobutylene; and reactions between carbon disulphide and aqueous amines; cyclohexanone and hydroxylamine sulphate. All these reactions are of industrial relevance. A simple method for studying the kinetics of fast reactions has been devised by him.

1978 Singh, Dig Vijai  (DOB:  11 December 1934),  Sp: Fluid-film lubrication; Dynamics of mechanical systems; Stress analysis; Tyre mechanics and Tyre pavement interaction. All India Council for Technical Education, Indira Gandhi Sports Complex, I P Estate, New Delhi - 110 002. Tel (011) 3378491 (O), 2440415 (R),  Fax  3379044, 3353806, Email : dvs @

Citation   Prof. Singh has done significant work on the dynamics of single track vehicles. The results of his studies on tyre-pavement interaction and dynamic analysis of the frames of such vehicles have been used by industry to improve the design of scooters and utilize indigenous materials in their fabrication. He has also made significant contributions in the field of hydrostatic and hydrodynamic lubrication. Prof. Singh has effectively linked his basic research interest to real industrial problems.

1983 Sukhatme, Suhas Pandurang  (DOB: 5 November 1938),  Sp: Heat transfer; Solar energy. Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai - 400 076.  Tel (022) 5783488, 5786530 (O), 5783738, 5781740 (R), Fax 5783546, Email : mespsia @

Citation   Prof. Sukhatme has done significant work in the area of heat transfer. He has developed and tested an original theory of interfacial resistance for heat transfer during film condensation of liquid metal vapours. He has studied local and average heat transfer around circular tubes and various fin arrays under the influence of free and forced convection. He has developed rapid methods for measuring the thermal conductivity of slab insulations.

1994 Sundararajan G  (DOB: 11 December 1953), Sp: Surface engi-neering, High temperature deformation behaviour. International Advanced Research Centre for Powder Metallurgy and New Materials (ARCI), Balapur PO Village, RCI Road, Hyderabad - 500 005. Tel (040) 4443167, 4441082 (O), 4444934 (R), Fax 4442699, 4443168, Email : arcint @

Citation   Dr Sundararajan has made outstanding contributions to experimental and theoretical aspects of materials engineering, with special emphasis on tribological behaviour, high strain rate and high temperature deformation and fracture, impact dynamics and ballistic penetration resistance of materials.

1962 Suri, Man Mohan  (DOB: 13 January 1928),  Sp: Integrated powerpack with reverse governing techniques for diesel engine superimposed on a hydro-mechanical transmission called Suri-Transmission. Expired.

Citation   Shri Suri has developed a new concept of an integrated power pack involving reverse-governing techniques for the diesel engine superimposed on a hydromechanical transmission called Suri-Transmission. This  has resulted in substantially increasing the efficiency of diesel locomotives. Suri-Transmission achieves the mathematical peak of efficiency in transmission of power and provides means for changeover from one gear step to another, under full load and speed, without causing shock or interruption of Suri-Transmission and its various improvements are covered by  36 patent specifications in eleven major countries. The first transmission built and tested for 650 horse power in now in successful operation.

1972 Swarup, Govind  (DOB:  23 March 1929),  Sp: Solar radio emission; Pulsars; Interplanetary scintillations; Radio astronomy instrumentation; Extragalactic radio sources and cosmology. National Centre for Radio Astrophysics, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Pune University Campus, Post Bag No.  3, Ganeshkhind, Pune, 411 007. Tel (020) 356111(O), 351632 (R), Fax 355149, Email : gswarup @;  gswarup @

Citation   Dr Swarup guided and supervised the establishment of the Ooty Radio Telescope from the basic concept to detailed design and fabrication. The construction in all its aspects. i.e. mechanical, structural, microwave and electronics, has been entirely indigenous. This work has had considerable technological spin-offs for the development of microwave antennas in India. Dr Swarup has also investigated solar emission, in India. Dr Swarup has also investigated solar emission, pulsars and lunar occultations of extragalactic radio sources.

1972 Wadhwa, Rajinder Pal  (DOB: 3 September 1932),  Sp: Microwave engineering; Vacuum devices; Quality & reliability; Measurements & education.  17, Deshbandhu Apartments, Kalkaji, New Delhi - 110 019.

Citation   Dr Wadhwa has guided research and development work in such areas as Indicator, X-ray, TV and transmitting tubes. His earlier work related to design of Crossed Field Devices which helped indigenisation of production of components in such diverse fields as Delay Lines, Pulse Transformers, Transistor Circuits, Magnetron Injection Guns, Beam Plasma and Crossed Field Interaction. His work has helped in the achievement of self-reliance through development of technical competence in areas of sophisticated technology.