Chemical Sciences

1991 Bagchi, Biman  (DOB: 1 January 1954), Sp: Physical chemistry; Solution dynamics. Solid State and Structural Chemistry Unit, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore - 560 012. Tel (080) 3092795, 3092568, 3092336 (O), 3345236 (R), Fax 3341683, 3311310, Email : bbagchi @

Citation : Dr Bagchi has made contributions in statistical mechanics, especially in the area of relaxation in salvation dynamics. Some of his thoeretical predictions have been experimentally established.
1986 Balaram, Padmanabhan (DOB: 19 February 1949), Sp: Bioorganic chemistry; Molecular biophysics; Proteins. Molecular Biophysics Unit, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore - 560 012.  Tel (080) 3092337, 3348535 (O), 3340962 (R), Fax 3341683, Email : pb @

Citation :  Prof. Balaram has done significant work on transmembrane peptide channels. He has employed NMR spectroscopy and other modern techniques for studying conformations of a variety of novel peptides. The work carried out by him is of value not only in peptide chemistry but also has considerable biological significance. Prof. Balaram has done extensive work on peptide synthesis.
1981 Balasubramanian, Dorairajan (DOB: 28 August 1939), Sp: Biomedical Research; Eye lens protection; Biophysical chemistry; Spectroscopy. L V Prasad Eye Institute, Road No. 2, Banjara Hills,   Hyderabad  -  500 034.  Tel (040) 248098, 248267 (O), 7174787 (R), Fax 248271, Email : dbala @

Citation   Prof. Balasubramanian has made significant contributions in biophysical chemistry. His major studies pertain to peptide conformation, ion-peptide bonding, water structure and hydrophobic interactions, biomembrane models and photoregulation of membrane processes. He has effectively employed modern spectroscopic methods in solving problems of biological interest. His researches are characterized by their originality and interdisciplinary nature.
1965 Basu, Sadhan (DOB: 2 January 1922), Sp: Polymer chemistry; Quantum chemistry; Molecular spectroscopy.  Expired.

Citation   Dr Basu has established the geometry of molecular complexes in solution by detecting, analysing and assigning experimentally the vibrational structure of the charge transfer band which has given an additional support to Mulliken's quantum mechanical model for these systems.
1992 Bhaduri, Sumit (DOB: 22 October 1948), Sp: Inorganic chemistry; Cement, Catalyst and Management.  Reliance Industries Limited, 9th Floor, Maker Chamber IV, Nariman Point, Mumbai - 400 021.  Tel (022) 2847937 (O), Fax 2852228, 2045570, Email : sumit_bhaduri @

Citation   Dr Bhaduri has made important contributions to the synthesis and structure of certain new metal-carbonyl clusters and to the polymer-supported catalysis.
1975 Bhakuni, Dewan Singh  (DOB: 30 December 1930), Sp: Bio-organic chemistry; Chemistry of natural products; Nucleosides; Medicinal chemistry. C-132, Nirala Nagar, Lucknow - 226 020. Tel (0522) 244273, 32411/12 (O), 322354 (R), Fax 223405, Email : root % cdrilk @

Citation   Dr Bhakuni has done important work on several aspects of natural product chemistry. He has systematically examined a number of indigenous plants for biologically active compounds, determined their structures and stereochemistry and also synthesized them. His studies have uncovered biological activity in a number of new natural products. Particularly, notable is his work on the biogenesis of alkaloids.

1997 Bhattacharyya, Kankan (DOB: 17 November 1954), Sp: Experimental physical chemistry; Laser spectroscopy; Biophysical chemistry. Department of Physical Chemistry, Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Jadavpur, Calcutta - 700 032.  Tel (033) 4735374 (O), 4359188 (R) Fax 4732805, Email :

Citation Dr Bhattacharyya has made outstanding contributions to unravel the ultrafast processes in complex biological and supramolecular assemblies using laser spectroscopy.
1962 Bhattacharyya, Sasanka Chandra (DOB: 31 August 1918)  Sp. Organic chemistry, Chemistry of natural products; Perfumery chemicals.  35 C, Bagmari Road, Calcutta - 700 054.  Tel  (033) 3590520 (R)

Citation   Dr Bhattacharyya has established a school of research which is recognized for its contributions on terpenes and related natural  products, macrocyclic musk compounds and analytical chemistry. His work has led to the elucidation of structures and absolute configurations of many new terpenoids with unusual structural features. Methods for the synthesis of naturally occurring musk odorous compounds, including muscone, civetone dihydrocivetone, exaltone, exaltolide and ambrettolide developed by him are of considerable economic value. By adopting an “organic approach” he has contributed considerably towards the development of new organic reagents for inorganic analysis.
1998 Chakravarty, Akhil Ranjan (DOB: 20 May 1953), Sp: Inorganic Chemistry. Department of Inorganic & Physical Chemistry, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore- 560 012. Tel (080) 3092382 / 3092533 (O), 3345407 (R), Fax 3341683, Email : arc @

Citation Dr Chakravarty has made significant contributions to the understanding of reactivity and bonding in multicentered systems and demonstrated some core conversion processes in such compounds.
1975 Chakravorty, Animesh (DOB: 30 June 1935), Sp: Inorganic chemistry; Structure and function of metal complex in living systems. Department of  Inorganic Chemistry, Indian Association for the Cultivation of  Science, Calcutta - 700 032. Tel  (033) 4724436, 4734971 (O), 4750010 (R), Fax 4732805, Email :

Citation   Prof. Chakravorty has been an active research worker in modern structural coordination chemistry. He has effectively employed a variety of modern physical methods like NMR spectroscopy, optical spectroscopy and magnetic measurements to solve several difficult problems. His work on paramagnetic contact shifts is well recognised. Under the broad heading of stereochemical phenomena, Prof. Chakravorty has investigated anomalous isomorphism, halo-coordination, penta-coordination and polytopal equilibria. Prof. Chakravorty has done notable work on magnetic exchange in coordination compounds.
1996 Chandrakumar, Narayanan  (DOB: 25 November 1951), Sp: Chemical Physics; Magnetic resonance spectroscopy and Imaging ; Spin dynamics as well as hardware and software development.  Physical Sciences Division, Central Leather Research Institute, Chennai - 600 020. Tel (044) 4420413 (O), 4413165 (R), Fax 4911589, 4912150, Email : ilango @

Citation   Dr Chandrakumar has done significant experimental and theoretical researches in rotating frame coherence transfer and multiple NMR, high resolution spin-1 NMR and spin-1 connectivity mapping, especially in solution state. He has invented a novel technique for NMR imaging and diffusion measurements.
1989 Chandrasekaran, Srinivasan  (DOB: 15 November 1945), Sp: Synthesis of natural products; Organometallic chemistry. Department of Organic Chemistry, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore  -  560 012. Tel (080) 3092402 /4 (O), 3311269 (R), Fax 3341683, 3443529, Email : scn @

Citation   Prof. Chandrasekaran has made significant contributions in the domain of organic reaction mechanisms, in the development of novel reagents for organic synthesis and in the blending of these two facets to the creation of the carbon constellations in a very imaginative fashion.
1995 Chandrasekhar, Jayaraman  (DOB: 23 October 1952), Sp: Computational chemistry. Department of Organic Chemistry, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore  -  560 012. Tel (080) 3092578, 3415663 (R) Fax 3443529, 3341683  Email :

Citation   Dr Chandrasekhar has made  outstanding contribution towards understanding the structure and bonding of organic molecules with implications on chemical reactivity.
1961 Chatterjee,  Asima (DOB: 23 September 1917), Sp: Chemistry of natural products; Development of drugs from natural sources.  Department of Chemistry, Calcutta University, 92, Acharya Prafulla Chandra Road, Calcutta - 700 009. Tel  (033) 3508386, 3506396, 3506387 (O), 3370011 (R). Fax 2413222

Citation   Dr (Mrs) Chatterjee has built up an active school of advanced study and research in the chemistry of natural products, especially in the chemistry of alkaloids and coumarins, including furanolactones isolated from medicinal plants indigenous to India. She has investigated 50 plant species of 12 botanical families from which she isolated 20 new alkaloids, 5 polyphenolics, of which 3 are coumarins and two dianthraquinones, besides several furanoid bitter principles and an antiepileptic long chain ester. These researches are characterized by novel techniques for the isolation of organic compounds from plant sources, elucidation of their molecular architecture and stereochemistry by classical and modern methods, including spectroscopy, their synthesis, biogenesis and chemotaxonomy, the latter study being undertaken to trace the path of biological evolution. The  alkaloids isolated by her are of novel  structural patterns belonging to monomeric and dimeric indole groups, to quinoline, isoquinoline, pyridine, diterpene and steroidal series. She has also made notable contribution to organic reactions by postulating a new mechanism. She and her colleagues have conducted intensive physiological, pharmacological and clinical studies on natural and synthetic organic chemicals. Their work on the tranquillising alkaloids of Rauvolfia, particularly Rauvolfia canescens, in the treatment of insomnia and hypertension, and on Alstonia alkaloids in curing cardiac disorder, deserves special mention.

1989 Chaudhuri, Mihir Kanti  (DOB: 21 July 1947), Sp: Inorganic chemistry. Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of  Technology, Institute of  Engineers Building, Panbazar, Guwahati - 781 001. Tel  (0361) 630353, 521915 (O), 563817 (R), Fax 521916, Email :

Citation   Prof. Chaudhuri has made outstanding contributions for developing new reagents and innovative methods for the synthesis of dioxygen complexes and fluorine compounds of metals and non - metals.
1990 Choudary, Boyapeti Manoranjan  (DOB: 10 August 1946), Sp: Homogeneous catalysis; Asymmetric catalysis.  Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Uppal Road, Tarnaka, Hyderabad - 500 007. Tel (040) 7173874, 7170512 (O), 7170921(R), Fax 7173387, Email : iict @

Citation   Dr Choudary's major contribution has been anchored intercalated catalysts showing high selectivity and activity. He has done notable work on homogeneous catalysis using transition metal complexes.

1977 Chowdhury, Mihir  (DOB: 15 July 1937), Sp: Spectroscopy; Photodynamics. Department of Physical Chemistry, Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Jadavpur, Calcutta - 700 032. Tel (033) 4735374 (O), 4757425 (R), Fax 4732805, Email : pcmc @

Citation   Prof. Chowdhury's work has enabled better understanding of electronic structure of molecules through optical, magneto-optical and quantum-mechanical methods. He has fabricated sophisticated experimental facilities for spectroscopic and fast kinetic studies. His studies on single crystal spectra throw light on spin-forbidden crystal-field bands in transition metal complexes, exciton transitions in bimolecules, CT transitions in diazines and parity-forbidden transitions in rare earth complexes. Other areas of work done by Prof. Chowdhury include CD/ORD/MCD/MORD/Zeeman. Effect of rare earth complexes and physico-chemical aspects of laser.
1981 Deb, Bidyendu Mohan,  (DOB: 27 September 1942), Sp: Theoretical chemistry. Department of Chemistry, Panjab University, Chandigarh - 160 014. Tel  (0172) 541435, 541441 Extn 1014 (O), 778135 (R), Fax 541409, Email : bmdeb @

Citation   Prof. Deb has made significant contributions in theoretical chemistry. He has developed a versatile model of molecular geometry highlighting the role of electronuclear attractive force and the highest occupied molecular orbital in determining molecular shapes. He has investigated the applicability of the concept of internal stresses for studying molecules and solids and has related it to the other fundamental approaches such as density-functional theory and quantum fluid dynamics.

1976 Devaprabhakara, Devadas  (DOB: 13 November 1932), Sp: Alicyclic chemistry; Synthesis of novel cyclic hydrocarbons.Expired.

Citation   Prof. Devaprabhakara  has made significant contributions in the alcyclic chemistry, especially cyclic allenes and medium-ring dienes. He has carried out in-depth studies on reduction, hydroporation and isomerization of these substrates. He has synthesized a number of highly strained and novel cyclic hydrocarbons. His work has led to rationalization of the reactions observed in these systems and has considerable predictive value.

1971 Dhar, Manojit Mohan  (DOB: 13 January 1927), Sp: Organic & biological chemistry of peptides; Medicinal chemistry & pharmaceutics.  Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow - 226 001. Tel (0522) 224198 (O), 384874 (R),  Fax 223405

Citation   Dr Dhar has examined the constituents of a large number of indigenous plants and elucidated their chemistry, revealing a variety of new structures. In a systematic programme of screening  Indian plants for biological activity, he has uncovered many active constituents worthy of further pursuit and exploitation. He has achieved significant results from his work on the mode of action of antibiotics carrying a heterocyclic moiety linked to a peptide sequence. He has developed a new synthesis of the internucleotide bond involving the use of pyrimidine and purine  anhydronucleosides.

1993 Gadre, Shridhar Ramachandra (DOB: 20 May 1950), Sp: Theoretical and Computational Chemistry.  Department of Chemistry, University of Pune,  Pune - 411 007. Tel (020) 356061 Extn 2080, 2138 (O), 514664 (R), Fax 351728, Email : gadre @

Citation   Dr Gadre has made theoretical and computational contributions towards understanding of relationships among complementary space electron densities, molecular properties and reactivity.

1998 Ganesh, Krishnarajanagar Nagappa  (DOB:  25 May 1953),  Sp: Organic; Bio-Organic Chemistry. Organic Chemistry Division, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune - 411 008.  Tel (020) 393153 (O), 336320 (R), Fax 330233/ 335153. Email:  kng @;  ganesh @

Citation   Dr Ganesh has made outstanding contributions towards the understanding of the chemical principles of DNA molecular recognition.  His work on various facets of DNA structure and its interaction with drugs and proteins has importance in both chemistry and biology.
1973 George, Manapurathu Verghese,  (DOB: 3 October 1928), Sp: Photochemistry; Laser chemistry; Organic chemistry.  Photochemistry Research Unit, Regional Research Laboratory, Thiruvananthapuram - 695 019. Tel (0471) 490392 (O), 436452 (R), Fax 490186, Email : mvg @

Citation   Prof. George has made significant contributions in several areas of organic chemistry, notably the mechanism of organic reactions in general and their use as effective synthetic tools. He has also done important work in organo-metallic chemistry. He has achieved the synthesis of interesting hetero-systems. His work on the photochemistry of various hetero-aromatic systems, such as sydnones, xanthates and photochemical cyclo-additions has attracted considerable attention and is marked by original approach.

1974 Ghatak, Usha Ranjan  (DOB: 26 February 1931), Sp: Synthetic organic chemistry; Stereochemistry.  Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, 4, Raja S C Mullick Road, Jadavpur, Calcutta - 700 032. Tel (033) 4730492, 4736793 Extn. 193 (O), 411404 (R), Fax 4730284, 4735197

Citation   Dr Ghatak has done important work on the development of methods for stereoselective synthesis of diterpenoids. This work is marked by a deep understanding of conformation of organic molecules and steric factors which control bond formation in organic synthesis. His work on intramolecular alkylation reactions using ketocarbenoid or diazoketone intermediates is of importance in relation to synthesis of gibberellin-like compounds, an important group of plant growth promoting factors.

1978 Govil, Girjesh  (DOB: 25 September 1940), Sp: Molecular biophysics; Bioengineering; Theoretical chemistry.  Chemical Physics Group, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Homi Bhabha Road, Mumbai - 400 005. Tel (022) 2152971 Extn 2371(O), 2152625 (R), Fax 2152110, Email : govil @

Citation   Prof. Govil has to his credit significant applications of semi-empirical quantum chemical theories relating to the conformational aspects of several biological molecules namely, peptides, nucleotides, saccharides, lipids, etc. An important contribution of his, has  been in the area of structure of nucleotides based on calculations of conformational energy maps and rotational energy states. He has made precise calculations on the non-bonded and hydrogen-bonded interactions in several important biomolecules. The work of Prof. Govil showed the relative contribution of “stacking” and “base pairing” in ordered nucleic acids. Prof. Govil has done important work in respect of the role of ordered structure of lipids in biomembranes and consequences of structural flexibility and transport properties.

1960 Govindachari, Tuticorin Raghavachari  (DOB: 30 July 1915), Sp: Chemistry of plant products; Synthesis of natural products.24, Crescent Park Street, T'Nagar, Chennai - 600 017. Tel (044)  2351903 (O), 4344349 (R),  Fax  2352163

Citation   The main thrust of work of Dr Govindachari has been on elucidation of the structure of plant constituents like carpaine, gentianine, tylophorine, tylophorinine, tiliacorine, tylocrebrine, echitamine, kopsine, wedelolactone, cedrelone, polyalthic acid, valeranone, veprisone, etc. He has also carried  out extensive research on the synthesis of isoquinolines and phenanthridines.

1969 Jain, Amolak Chand  (DOB: 27 December 1928), Sp: Organic chemistry; Bio-organic chemistry.  Centre for Biochemical  Technology (CSIR), Mall Road, Delhi - 110 007.  13 Vaishali, Pitampura, New Delhi 110 034. Tel (011) 7257439, 7257602 (O), 7425594 (R), Fax 7410008

Citation   Prof. Jain's early research work relates to the chemistry of natural products, especially polyphenolics. His  approach has been largely synthetic, though he has also examined a number of important plants for their chemical components and elucidated their structures. In recent years, he has evolved new methods for the synthesis of polyphenols. Among these are important isoflavonoids occurring in nature and the related group of 3-phenyl 4 hydroxycoumarins found in many Derris roots in place of the earlier well-known and more toxic rotenoids. They include several compounds that contain terpenoid side chains and rings. The serious difficulties involved in their synthesis have been effectively solved.
1994 Jemmis, Eluvathingal Devassy  (DOB: 31 October 1951), Sp: Applied theoretical chemistry. School of Chemistry, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad-500 046. Tel (040) 3010917, 3010500 Extn 4830 (O), 3010515 (R), Fax 3010917, 3010120, Email : jemmis @

Citation   Dr Jemmis has with exceptional effect demonstrated the application of theoretical methods to structure and reactivity of organic, inorganic and organometallic molecules, towards the comprehension of electronic and geometric structure of metallocene oligomers, metal mediated C-C bond formation, polyhedral structural constellations and concerted organic reactions. His novel findings have already made impact on the experimental design of unusual structures.
1972 Kessar, Satinder Vir  (DOB: 9 June 1932), Sp: Synthetic and mechanistic organic chemistry.  Department of Chemistry, Panjab University, Chandigarh - 160 014. Tel (0172) 541435 (O), 541729 (R)

Citation   Dr Kessar has made important contributions in steroidal and heterocyclic chemistry. He has been able to build the whole infrastructure of some solanum alkaloids through a single operation. A number of total syntheses of azasteroids have been accomplished by him using an elegant and original pathway.  He has developed a novel method of linking aromatic rings based on an intramolecular reaction between benzene and aromatic ring leading to the direct cyclisation of haloanils of known unfavourable geometry. This synthetic route has been used by him for the synthesis of the phenthridine ring system and several new heterocyclic systems. Using the same cyclisation principle, but with phenoxide activation, he accomplished the synthesis of aporphine and related alkaloids.
1982 Khetrapal, Chunni Lal  (DOB: 25 August 1937), Sp: Chemical physics; Nuclear magnetic resonance. Vice Chancellor, University of Allahabad, Allahabad - 211 002. Tel (0532) 608089, 608157 (O), 641002, 642827 (R), Fax 642827, Email : clk @

Citation    Prof.  Khetrapal has done pioneering work on NMR spectroscopy of molecules oriented in the nematic phase of liquid crystals.  He has done significant work on non-planar distortions in peptides in the liquid phase.  Also notable is his spectroscopic investigation of weak molecular interactions like those involved in hydrogen bonding.
1988 Kishore, Kaushal (DOB: 31 December 1942), Sp: Polymer chemistry; Combustion chemistry.  Expired.

Citation   Prof. Kishore has done significant work in polymer chemistry with special reference to thermochemistry and combustion of polymers.

1973 Mathur, Hirdaya Behari  (DOB: 27 May 1928), Sp: Spectroscopic properties of radioactive isotopes; Thermodynamics; Solid state diffusion of metals.  Expired.

Citation   Dr Mathur has made significant contributions in the study of beta and gamma spectroscopic properties of radioactive isotopes in the closed shell region. He has been applying the Mössbauer spectrometer technique to study the structures of various molecules. His recent contributions have been on the thermodynamics of complex ions in solution, kinetics of high temperature oxidation of metals, and solid state diffusion in metals.

1965 Mehrotra, Ram Charan  (DOB: 16 February 1922), Sp: Inorganic and organometallic chemistry; Sol-gel process for ceramic materials. 4/682, Jawahar Nagar, Jaipur - 302 004.  Tel (0141) 510866, 511557 (O), 650800 (R)

Citation   Prof. Mehrotra has enunciated the chemical theory of indicators, apart from suggesting the applicability of universal type of indicators with both acidic and basic functions. In the field of redox titration, he has extended the applicability of ceramic salts and of hypobromites in the estimation of a large number of organic and inorganic constituents. He has made a detailed study of alkoxides and carboxylates of a number of elements. This work is now being extended to the corresponding sulphur analogues and also to organometallic derivatives.
1978 Mehta, Goverdhan (DOB: 26 June 1943), Sp: Organic chemistry. Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore - 560 012 .  Tel (080) 3341690 (O), 3341254 (R), Fax 3341936, 3341683, Email : diroff @

Citation   Prof.  Mehta has devised novel and ingenious methods for the synthesis of complex terpenoids. He has been successful in synthesising highly strained polycyclic molecules such as bird-cage compounds, cubanes and homocubanes, pentaprismane and Dewar benzene using unusual electrophilic and photochemical reactions. He has unraveled many new and fascinating molecular reorganisations of isoprenoids and strained polycyclic systems. He has also successfully introduced new reagents for dehydrohalogenation.
1983 Mitra, Samaresh  (DOB: 17 March 1940), Sp: Magnetochemistry; Bio-organic chemistry; Magnetic resonance; Inorganic biochemistry.  Chemical Physics Group, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Homi Bhabha Road, Colaba, Mumbai - 400 005. Tel (022) 2152971 Extn 2363(O), 2152084 (R), Fax 2152110, 2152181  Email : smitra @

Citation   Prof. Mitra has  distinguished himself through his original work on inorganic paramagnetic complexes like metalloporphyrins and low-symmetry transition metal complexes using the technique of single crystal magnetic anisotropy and NMR. These studies have provided a better understanding of the electronic structure  of these systems. He has contributed significantly to the measurement of single crystal susceptibilities and in general to magnetochemistry.
1987 Mukherjee, Debashis (DOB:  17 December 1946), Sp: Quantum chemistry; Quantum dynamics; Theoretical spectroscopy. Department of Physical Chemistry, Indian Association for the Cultivation  of  Science,  Jadavpur, Calcutta  -  700 032.  Tel (033) 4735374 (O), 4125890 (R), Fax 4732805, Email : pcdm @

Citation   Prof. Mukherjee has done significant work in theoretical chemistry, particularly in the pioneering development of open- shell  coupled- cluster  theory of molecular electronic structure.
1974 Nagarajan, Kuppuswamy  (DOB: 15 September 1930), Sp: Medicinal chemistry; Pesticide chemistry; Heterocyclic synthesis; Application of NMR spectroscopy. R & D Centre, Recon Limited, 32/1, Kalena Agrahara Village, 9th mile, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore - 560 076.  Tel (080) 646401, 640195, 640557 (O), 6681115 (R), Fax 6633890, 6610407, 646402, Email : recolina @; n_kuppuswamy @

Citation   Dr Nagarajan has done significant work relating to the synthesis of new heterocyclic systems and to elucidation of structures of novel natural products. His work is marked by a deep understanding of reaction mechanisms and conformation of organic molecules. His novel synthesis of dibenzoxazepines has resulted in the development of a new antidepressant drug.
1970 Narasimhan, Palliakaranai Thirumalai  (DOB: 28 July 1928), Sp: Theoretical chemistry; Magnetic resonance.  Beckman Institute MC 139-74, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA 91125, USA. Tel (0818) 3952863, Email : ptn @

Citation   Prof. Narasimhan has made original and significant contributions in the area of chemical physics, especially quantum-mechanical interpretation of magnetic resonance data for the study of molecular structure and properties. He has also contributed to the study of principles of chemical bonding, conformation, chemical reactivity as well as electrical and magnetic properties of simple and complex molecules using molecular orbital and valence bond theoretical methods. His contributions in these areas have led to the ushering in the era of “Computer Chemistry” in India. He has combined his theoretical abilites with experimental skills, as evidenced by his indigenous fabrication of a number of spectrometers needed in his work. Prof. Narasimhan has established an active and composite research group which draws workers from both Chemistry and Physics Department.
1984 Natarajan, Paramasivan  (DOB: 17 October 1940), Sp: Inorganic photochemistry; Fast reaction kinetics; Photoelectro-chemistry; Radiation chemistry. Department of Inorganic Chemistry, University of Madras and National Centre for Ultrafast Processes, Guindy Campus, Chennai - 600 025. Tel (044) 2351137, 2351269 (O), 4412332 (R), Fax 2352494, Email : pnrajan @

Citation   Prof. Natarajan has made significant contributions to the photochemistry of co-ordination compounds, particularly notable are his studies on excited states by transient techniques. His work on the utilisation of macromolecular dye coatings for stabilization of electrodes in photoelectrochemical cells is noteworthy.
1996 Periasamy, Mariappan  (DOB: 6 October 1952), Sp: Organic chemistry; Organo-metallics and chiral reagents. School of Chemistry, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad - 500 046. Tel (040) 3010500 (O), 3010904 (R), Fax 3010120, 3010145, Email : mpsc @

Citation   Dr Periasamy for devising innovative and practical experimental procedures of synthetic interest. He has advantageously used carbon metal bonds to construct diverse types of molecular structures.

1966 Ramaiah, Nanduri Atchuta  (DOB: 26 August 1923),  Sp: Sugar chemistry and technology.  14, Ocean View Layout, Visakhapatnam - 530 003.  Tel (0891) 561225 (R)

Citation   Dr Ramaiah did work providing solutions for many of the problems faced in sugar manufacture. His prominent contributions relate to (i) colour problems of the sugar industry and physical methods for assessment of colour, and (ii) manufacture of active carbon and chemicals for improvement of sugar house products. As a result, sugar manufacture has been made more economical with considerable savings in sulphur, a scarce chemical in India.

1993 Ramasami, Thirumalachari  (DOB: 15 April 1948),  Sp: Inorganic and physical chemistry. Central Leather Research Institute, Chennai - 600 020.  Tel (044) 4910846, 4910897 (O), 4915822 (R), Fax  4911589, 4912150, Email : clrim @

Citation   Dr Ramasami has made important contributions to the understanding of the structure and reaction mechanisms of electron transfer and substitution reactions of chromium complexes.

1992 Ramasesha, Suryanarayanasastry (DOB: 16 January 1950), Sp: Quantum theory of extended many body systems. Solid State and Structural Chemistry Unit,  Indian  Institute of Science,  Bangalore   -  560 012. Tel (080) 3092336 (O), 3415648 (R), Fax 3311310, Email : ramasesh @

Citation   Dr Ramasesha has innovatively used the valence-bond technique for studying the electronic structure and nonlinear properties of conjugated organic systems and low-dimensional solids.

1977 Ranganathan, Subramania  (DOB: 2 February 1934), Sp: Organic / bio-organic chemistry; Chemical simulation of information transfer process in life system; Reaction mechanism; Protein engineering.  Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Uppal Road, Hyderabad - 500 007. Tel (040) 7173874 - 77 (O),  Fax 7173387, 7173757, Email : root @ 

Citation   Prof. Ranganathan  has made valuable contributions in synthetic and mechanistic organic chemistry. He has devised novel routes to prostaglandins, an important group of biologically active compounds. He has studied several interesting reactions involving bond reorganisations and put forward convincing rationalization for them. Those involving bridged bicyclic systems deserve special mention.

1968 Rao, Chintamani Nagesa Ramachandra (DOB: 30 June 1934), Sp: Solid state chemistry; Surface science; Chemical spectroscopy; Molecular structure.  Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Indian Institute of Science Campus, Bangalore- 560 012. Tel (080) 3345491, 3340580 (O), 3346438, 3311310 (R), Fax 3442468, 8462766, Email : cnrrao @;  cnrao @

Citation   Prof. Rao's research work is related to the application of spectroscopic methods for the study of chemical compounds, the main emphasis being of UV and IR spectra. His recent research work relates to solid state chemistry and constitutes a valuable contribution to this important field.

1984 Rao, Kalya Jagannath  (DOB: 7 December 1940),  Sp: Physical chemistry of amorphous solids; Phase transformation of solids. Solid State and Structural Chemistry Unit, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore - 560 012. Tel (080) 3092583 (O), 3411129 (R), Fax 3311310, Email : kjrao @

Citation   Prof. Rao has made notable achievements in the field of physical chemistry of glasses. He has provided novel structural models for ionic glasses and has investigated a variety of glass systems employing sophisticated techniques, including EXAFS. He has proposed a model for glass transition. He has recently done important work on fast ion conducting glasses.

1983 Ray, Naba Kishore (DOB: 5 December 1940), Sp: Theoretical chemistry; Computer application in chemistry. Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi, Delhi - 110 007. Tel  (011) 7257725 Extn. 325 (O), 7257855 (R), Email : nkray.chemdu @;  nkray @

Citation   Prof. Ray has made major contributions in Quantum Chemistry. His studies using molecular orbital and floating spherical gaussian orbital methods have provided a better understanding of the structures and reactivities of several interesting molecules. Prof. Ray's theoretical studies have related to the nature of electron density and momentum distribution in atoms and molecules. His studies on reactivities of molecules on surfaces have thrown considerable light on the details of the interactions involved.
1967 Santappa, Mushi (DOB: 2 October 1923),  Sp: Science & Technology of Polymers; Physical chemistry; Organic chemistry.Advanced Environmental Laboratory, No. 100 Anna Salai, Guindy, Chennai - 600 032.  Tel (044) 2353154 (O), 4415163 (R), Fax 2353068, Email : tnpcbeti @

Citation   Prof. Santappa's main areas of work relate to synthesis of graft copolymers by a simple chain transfer process and studies on the properties of macromolecules by light scattering and osmotic techniques. Syntheses and kinetic studies of condensation polymers involving tetra - and trialkyl phenols and formaldehyde have yielded valuable information. Complementary to the polymerization studies, oxidation of various organic substrates has also been investigated.
1994 Sarma, Dipankar Das  (DOB: 15 September 1955),  Sp: Solid state physics & chemistry; Photoemission; Surface science.  Solid State and Structural Chemistry Unit,   Indian  Institute of  Science, Bangalore  -  560 012. Tel (080) 3092614, 3378512 (R), Fax 3341683, 3311310, Email : sarma @

Citation   Dr Sarma has made outstanding contributions towards the understanding of electronic structures, metal-insulator transitions and establishing the existence of a new phase in solid state materials through high-energy spectroscopies and theory.
1990 Sathyamurthy, Narayanasami  (DOB: 10 July 1951),  Sp: Theoretical (computational) molecular reaction dynamics.  Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur - 208 016. Tel (0512) 590572, 597367 (O), 590313, 598435 (R), Fax 597436, 590007, Email : nsath @

Citation   Prof. Sathyamurthy  has done theoretical work in molecular reaction dynamics especially on exchange and dissociation reactions. He has also conducted time dependent quantum mechanical study of reactive scattering.
1995 Sebastian, Kizhakeyil Lukose  (DOB: 18 November 1950),  Sp: Theoretical chemistry.  Department of Applied Chemistry, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore - 560 012. Tel (080) 3092385 (O), 3315166 (R), Fax 3316552, 3341683, Email : kls @

Citation   Dr Sebastian has excelled with his brilliant analytical approach to the area of statistical mechanics and electronic structure as related to chemical problems, such as electrode processes, barrierless reactions, adsorption of polymers and maximum hardness principle.

1972 Sinha, Akhoury Purnendu Bhusan  (DOB: 27 December 1928), Sp: Material science.  C/o Morris Research Inc., 1918, University Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94704, USA. Tel (001-510) 7041014 (O), 5257263 (R)

Citation   Dr Sinha's major contributions lie in the field of Solid State Chemistry. He has made extensive studies on the synthesis of new manganites and their structural, electrical and magnetic properties. He has developed theories for thermoelectrical power and mobility in such semiconductors. His studies on electron lattice interaction have furnished a new basis for the theory of ferro-electricity. From his studies on thin film of heterojunctions, Dr Sinha has discovered interesting properties which throw new light on the mechanism of conduction in semiconductors. The products developed by him have found practical application in the electronics industry.

1997 Srikrishna, Adusumilli  (DOB: 1 January 1955), Sp: Organic chemistry; Developed radical cyclisation and annulation based strategies for construction of a variety of bridged compounds and natural products of contemporary interest. Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore - 560 012. Tel (080) 3092215 (O), Fax 3341683, Email : ask @

Citation   Dr Srikrishna has contributed significantly to the area of organic synthesis. His contributions in the area of radical cyclisation and annulation based strategies for the synthesis of natural products are noteworthy.
1982 Subba Rao, Ganugapati Sree Rama  (DOB: 21 August 1937), Sp: Chemistry of natural products; Synthetic organic chemistry; Organometallic chemistry. Department of Organic Chemistry, Indian Institute of  Science, Bangalore - 560 012. Tel (080) 3092524 (O), 3346482 (R), Fax  3367789, 3341683, Email : gsrs @

Citation  Prof. Subba Rao has developed new syntheses of natural products based on dihydroaromatics obtained through Birch reduction of aromatic compounds. He has made ingenious use of these for the synthesis of steroids and polyketides. He has also investigated the mechanistic aspects of dissolving metal reductions.
1964 Sukh, Dev (DOB: 17 June 1923), Sp: Organic chemistry; Natural products.  C-600, New Friends Colony, New Delhi - 110 065. Tel (011) 6847119 (R)

Citation   Dr Sukh Dev has studied a large number of terpenoids, isolated from indigenous materials. He has elucidated the structures of several of them and has  made notable contributions to the understanding of their chemistry. During these investigations, he discovered several new  skeletal types in sesqui-and diterpenoids.
1963 Tilak, Bal Dattatraya (DOB: 28 September 1918), Sp: Chemistry of heterocyclic compounds; Dyestuff chemistry; Rural development through science and technology.  101,  Aradhana,  Anand Park,  Aundh, Pune  -   411 007. Tel (020) 341654 (O), 386153 (R), Fax 335239

Citation   Dr Tilak's work has led to the synthesis of new heterocyclic quinonoid dyestuffs of considerable academic and practical  value. His studies on hydride transfer and steric factors that control it have enabled elucidation of the mechanism of formation on cyanine and triphenylmethane dyes and have led to the synthesis of a new class of cationoid dyes of potential commercial value and hitherto unknown bicyclic sulphonium salts. Dr Tilak is also well known for his contribution towards the establishment  and development of dyestuff industry in India. He has made significant contributions to elucidation of the chemistry of thiophene and its polycyclic derivatives. This work has led  to the total synthesis of heterocyclic steroids and a few sulphur-containing compounds which show significant anti-cancer properties.
1991 Yadav, Jhillu Singh  (DOB: 4 August 1950), Sp: Organic chemistry. Division of Organic Chemistry, Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Uppal Road, Hyderabad - 500 007. Tel (040) 7170512, 7173874 (O), 7173434 (R), Fax  7173757, 7173387, Email : jsy @

Citation   Dr Yadav has developed several new methodologies useful in organic syntheses, especially for allylic and acetylenic alcohols and for spiroacetals. He has also shown insight and skill in executing synthesis of complex natural products.